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  1. I'm looking for some advice. I have one flat which I've owned on a residential mortgage for 6 years, when I moved cities I got consent to lease and have rented it out for the last year or so. I just got married and we are looking to buy a house, but keep the flat as an investment. With the second home tax i'm now evaluating different ways of being tax efficient. I have a limited company, would it make sense and is it possible to sell my flat to my limited company? Would this make any difference to the second home tax? I'm planning to keep the flat for the long term and
  2. Can anyone recommend a good mortgage advisor in or near Newcastle upon-Tyne or in Richmond (North Yorkshire) ? I'm looking to invest in the north east and would like a local contact to get some advice. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  3. Thank you for your replies. Lucie, are there particular lenders who offer this let-to-buy? Are there any time limits on how long you can have them?
  4. I have a couple of flats rented out through an letting agency in Glasgow. They recently told me new legislation means my flats must have hardwired and interlinked smoke alarms (in the living area and hall) and a heat alarm (in the kitchen) and will require CO monitors as of December 2015. Has anyone else come across this? If so, how much has it cost you to implement it?
  5. I have owned and lived in my flat for 4 years with a residential mortgage. I am moving out of my flat soon and plan to rent it out. I also want to remortgage to release funds for a new BTL as i have significant equity in the flat. I have been self-employed for the last 6 months or so which means I will not be able to remortgage with a Res. mortgage. But I have also been told that I won't get a BTL mortgage unless the property is already let. Does anyone have any experience of this? Ideas of what I can do to release equity in my current circumstance? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Simon.I knew about the 6 month rule for re-mortgaging but I wasn't sure if it was the same when it had initially been bought with cash. As a strategy, I wondered if taking advantage of potential cash deal discounts, then mortgaging a property to get say 85% cash back out and then going again would work. I was hoping that short-term it would be a way to get money back out reasonably quick and longer term benefit / profit from the initial discount. Sounds like I'd have to wait 6 months in-between but that should still work. Thanks again.
  7. I recently listened to podcast 48, how to take advantage of cash deals. Does anyone know if theres a time limit on how quickly you can mortgage a property you have bought with cash? Thanks.
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