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  1. Hi Gareth Would you like to have a quick chat either one evening or during the day? PM me your details & I'll get in touch. I am in South Birmingham, Edgbaston area. Look forward to hearing from you, Regards Andrew
  2. Evening All Does anybody have a reccomendation to a QS in West Midlands please? I Have viewed a property that requires some drawings for extending the property & a costing plan so that I can assess my refurb & build costs when requesting quotes. I have been searching for individuals & Companies & assume somebody who is RICS based would be benficial as i could have them independently do the survey also. Many Thanks if there are any reccomendations. Andrew
  3. I can highly recommend Susannah Cole if Buy to Sell is your Interest, or have an interest in Development. I heard her Podcast Interview with Rob Dix & I hooked up with her after a few more meetings to see if her group mentoring was for me. Turns out it was & I have gained HUGE Value from this & am about halfway in... However, it's one thing having a Mentor but another ensuring you follow their lead & actually make yourself accountable, following up in line with your business plan or end goals.
  4. Hi Lee Thanks for the response. Well, I guess the plan for me needs to be a bit more attributed towards setting out my goals but on a business level, in order that I could provide this to a JV Partner if required? I get exactly what you mean by goals rather than profit & loss, so it will entail that but on a business level, not so much a personal objective alone. I think I have something to work with & it's a lot of predictions looking forward rather than what I can see right now, however I assume that in 12 Months time, it will be easier slightly as I'll have something hopefully
  5. Evening Guys, Quick one if I may ask? I have begun to work with a Property Mentor & although I will be asking the question their way, could I get some advice on the above. I need to put a business plan in place & have no experience of having done this. Now, as of yet I do not see that I will go 'Sole Trader' with HMRC as I haven't yet started to invest & will look to personal finance in the first outset to obtain a Mortgage. I'm wondering if I need to consider the business plan to be more goal orientated & not too much on figures & future profit or loss calculations...
  6. I'm on my way back down from Yorkshire On Monday, although toying with going over to The Lakes for a couple of days? I'm just seeing what social meet up I can do in Liverpool also & may come down on my way back to Birmingham...
  7. Hi Rob, Andrew Thanks for the replies. Sorry! Only just picked up today...I will drop Lisa a call. Rob, shortly after posting I did assume, 'I guess the location is irrelevant due to the referral being more important'. I'll start with Lisa & see what comes of discussions. Thanks both, Andy
  8. Likewise Rob, I barely spoke to the majority of people, but to those I did speak to I gained some useful insights. I'll try & work the floor a bit more on the next one. Great afternoon out from Birmingham.
  9. Hi All I guess the very first thing for me right at this point is to understand where I am financially re Mortgage prospects. Could anybody recommend a Broker that they have used in or very close to Birmingham/West Midlands? I'm hoping referral will be better than Google... Thanks Andy
  10. Hi Andy Good to meet & chat with you yesterday. A very positive outlook you have & indeed to your goals. Just viewed the images from the property you talked about. Blimey!! I can see where you spent your money. What a Great finish!...will be good to keep in touch and if I'm down in London I'll shout you, or until the next Property meet up. All the best Mate, Andy
  11. HI Cshouse, I'm also in Birmingham & at the same starting point as yourself. Perhaps you'd be interested in sharing the stories/journals along the way to bounce ideas off each other. Or if you fancy a coffee for a meet & chat that'd be good too.
  12. I'll be attending. Coming South from Birmingham...Looking forward to it! Hope not to be in the Deep End...
  13. Hi All Andy here & have almost caught up with The Property Podcast. HAVE to make 2014 the year I get some Bricks & Mortar (If I can). I'll be attending the Property Hub event on Saturday, so hope to be able to pick people's brains...& have a social Saturday too! Beats watching The Villa... All the Best 2x Robs! Such a Great Community you guys are building...
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