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    West Lothian
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    From Project Manager background
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    To build my portfolio and help others build theres.
    Help others while I build my by joint venturing or using other peoples finances
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    Family, Outdoors, Travel, Sun, Exercise, beach, reading, relaxing ...

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  1. Thanks for this great share, I haven't seen it before and wondered if there was a place to see them all - Awesome much appreciated
  2. Brilliant thanks for this, found what I was looking for so quickly, much appreciated 153 - Concentration Music
  3. Hi Ian "Welcome" - although I do feel a bad saying that because I'm not very active here. I should be more active, I'm a big listener to the podcasts but dont get round to the great forums and chat rooms enough. Anyway I am doing the ALG Mentorship, Paul and Billy and the ALG team are great, I would recommend you go/come along to there networking events as well and the Property hub ones obviously !! To get a sence of the mentorship and can ask any questions as lots of the mentees will be there as well. They are also about to start an edinburgh networking event. (details still tbc) I k
  4. Hi Kevin I live in Edinburgh, I have just starting investing mostly in Glasgow and surroundings, not Edinburgh. Where can I find a copy of your ebook, whats the title ? Thanks
  5. Hello I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I downloaded the Right move "add on" (where it tells you property advert history) from the property hub and for some reason it seems to have gone and I can't seem to find the link. Can anyone point me in the right direction PLEASE. Thank you
  6. Can't wait for the book, looking forward to reading it and putting the tips into practice. Love the podcasts, looking forward to episode 100 !
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