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    St Albans
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    Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Pete. I'm originally from a design/marketing background but I got into property investment after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and deciding that instead of buying my own home in ridiculously-overpriced St Albans, I'd purchase a house further north as an income generating asset. I believe in continuous growth (in property and life) and am always looking to educate myself and network as much as possible. I'm interested in building connections with people that want to help each other, and am happy to support others and share ideas too (so if you are living or investing in Coventry, I'd love to hear from you).
  • Property investment interests
    I am currently looking to buy family-sized houses in Coventry and surrounding areas for BTL and small to medium sized multi-lets/HMOs and am happy to consider joint ventures. If you're thinking of giving up the game and selling any (or all) of your portfolio then please get in touch as I might be interested in buying it.
  • My goals
    My short term goal is to generate cash flow from a portfolio of multi-lets/HMOs with a long term goal of moving on to bigger projects and providing purpose built housing for people with disabilities and 'green' housing.
  • Interests outside property
    I enjoy reading lots (mainly non-fiction), cooking, eating and going to the gym. I'm also a big fan of spicy food and grow a selection of super-hot chillies that I use for cooking and making my own hot sauce (Ouch!).

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  1. Hey Roger, Yes would definitely be interested in talking more with you and comparing notes. The area around Warwick Uni is good for HMOs. Personally we're aiming our properties more at young working people than students, but its still good for people who work at the university, and the nearby business parks, retail parks. Also close to Tile Hill and Canley train stations. Considering going to one of the Leamington Spa meetups too if I get chance but since you're living not too far from me, PM me if you want to grab a coffee or a beer more locally. Cheers, Pete
  2. I’ve been doing some digging into the changes that are being made to the HMO licensing regulations and this is going to affect a lot of people. Essentially, from the 1st October, if you have 5+ people in your property from 2 or more households, you willl need an HMO license, regardless of the number of floors (previously it needed to have 3 floors to qualify). So anyone with a 3-4 bed house that has been converted into 5 rooms will be affected, and so will anyone who has tenants sharing a double room with their partner (example: if you have a 4 bed and the partner of one tenant moves in and you put them on the agreement it suddenly needs licensing). I understand these changes are coming in to crack down on rogue landlords who pack people into their shabby, unsafe properties like sardines but there’s a fair few decent folk who will get caught with their pants down and have to either fork out upgrading their doors, smoke detectors, emergency lighting etc and get licensed, or reduce the number of people living in their property which will impact their yields. If you are planning on applying for a license, be aware that your lender will be notified, so if you are not on an HMO mortgage, you will breach the terms of your agreement. If this affects you and you’re not planning on applying for a license, be warned that councils are recruiting additional inspectors in anticipation of the changes and if your property gets inspected you will have a problem on your hands. HMOs are pretty easy to spot from the outside and tend to be clustered in the same streets so its not hard for inspectors to go door to door. We’re getting hit from all angles at the moment and I worry this could be the tipping point for some landlords to sell up and ship out.
  3. Cheers Phil. I was a Townsend lad myself - probably met you on the sports field back in the day.
  4. Hi everyone (and hi Rob & Rob if you’re reading), Feel like I’ve been on the fringes of the community for a while as I’ve been to a couple of meetups, been listening to podcasts and checked out the forum a few times but this is actually my first post. I’m from St Albans but I’m looking at building a portfolio of BTLs and multi-lets in Coventry and I’m interested in networking with other investors and landlords in the area, sharing knowledge, contacts etc. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got 100 properties or just one (or none yet), we all need support of like minded people if we’re going to build our wealth and I’m happy to share what little knowledge and experience I have too. If you’re investing in the area please give me a shout, it would be great to hear from you. Would also like to hear where property investors from Coventry are going for their meetups? As there’s not one in Coventry right now maybe if there’s enough of us we could even get one going in the future. Look forward to connecting with you all. Pete
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