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  1. Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate the guidance as a newbie to this!
  2. Adam Hosker, many thanks for your reply. I completely understand the views of the mortgage company but after much research and deciding to pursue the 'buy off plan in city centre locations' strategy, I have been completely thrown off kilter. I did not expect to face this issue and had not come across anyone else who experienced it. I'm now not sure that I want to continue with this strategy if it will lead to further issues in the future. I am considering pulling out and focusing my search on suburban areas with potential for growth. I suppose I just wanted confirmation that I'm not alone in t
  3. My sister and I are in the process of purchasing our 1st property through our Ltd co, a 2 bed flat in Liverpool city centre close to the Liverpool Waters area. The deposit was paid on this, off plan, last year and it is due to complete in 6 weeks. We used a mortgage broker who was highly recommended on this site who submitted a mortgage application which was declined. We have been advised that any further applications are also likey to be declined and he has recommended that we withdraw from the purchase of this property. The main reasons cited were that it is an investor area wich would limit
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