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    House of JAM provides quality places for people to live and supports those who are creating the industries and jobs of the future.

    Founded by Job Muscroft who as CEO grew Pulsar a Social Data Intelligence platform into a £10m + global business. House of JAM owns and develops properties in the UK catering for millennials and those coming next who need decent and affordable places to live. We also invest and support start ups with ideas that have the potential to grow fast, do good things and employ people.
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    Investment, Finance, Management , Deal Making,
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    Build a Professional Property Business
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    Liverpool FC, Current Affairs, Business and Start Ups

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  1. there is no advantage for buying through a ltd company as a first time buyer.... in fact some mortgage companies will want to see that the director of the LC have landlord or property investment experience before they loan. I would go and talk to a mortgage broker asap and look at options
  2. as a new investor it is unlikely that you will get a mortgage for an HMO ... after a year or so of BTL experience you could move into HMO next. My advice would be to talk to a mortgage broker asap.
  3. Its amazing how much negativity there is at the moment amongst existing and long standing BTL investors (for negativity see propertytribes.com ) ..... I understand that tax changes have slimmed margins down. However the capital gains that most people have made and will make in the next few years if they have bought well and invested in their properties make it a lucrative market to be involved in. The property market has some way to go until it reaches the peak in this economic cycle.... London/South is dipping now for sure , however, huge infrastructure investment HS2/Cross Rail
  4. Hello Hubbers I am thinking about investing in this new property portal for young professional renters ... would be good to see if anyone has used it? https://www.movebubble.com Cheers Job
  5. Hello Hubbers I am thinking about investing in this new property portal for young professional renters ... would be good to see if anyone has used it? https://www.movebubble.com Cheers Job
  6. UPDATE So I now have the keys to my first property . Next week we are starting to refurbish the property in time for the next academic year... adding another bathroom and make good some exterior issues. 3 other deals still to complete in the next few weeks so hopefully should have 14 rooms to rent from August onwards. Will keep updating when deals are closed........well on track to hit my first miles of 6 properties by the end of 2019.
  7. All good points on this thread ....one thing I have noticed is that the ratio between students and bathrooms is becoming increasingly important. Ensuite is great if you have a big enough property otherwise it is key to no go beyond 3 students per bathroom so in a 4 bed house 2 bathrooms/shower rooms are going to be needed. The rise of the student pod is increasing standards of all student lets across major uni cities, as you say students are happy to pay for quality which is really good news.
  8. QUICK PROGRESS UPDATE After seeing probably 70 properties I have managed to secure my first 3 deals .... 2 projects will be refurb jobs and one is a plug and play. Hopefully will have all 3 deals completed by mid April and then the fun starts. Will update more after completion. Cheers Job
  9. Hi Jordan I am looking in Lancashire ... I see you are in North Yorkshire but if you have any experience in this area I would be open to it. Cheers Job
  10. Hi I am going to need to work with a builder in the Lancaster area to help update and modify some of my new student let properties over the next few months. Any recommendations out there? Cheers Job
  11. So have put in 3 offers no purchases yet as I am looking for the right deal.... seems like asking price is being met in my chosen areas right now. Seeing another 20 places next week so fingers crossed.
  12. Hello I have decided to start a new chapter in my life and leave the day job behind by focusing on BTL investments in the North servicing the student market. I am looking for 10% gross return and ideally 20% on capital. I have spent the past month researching and have just started looking at target properties in the past week and have put my first two offer in. I am aiming to buy 6 properties in the next 18 months and I am looking to connect with fellow investors to share experience good and bad as I develop my portfolio. I will eventually set up a company but right now I
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