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  1. Hi I have a small number of BTL houses and so far I have managed to add value and pull out most of my cash as I have gone along. I'm attracted to investing in apartments as the maintenance requirements seem generally lower and I have found some deals that seem to offer good returns. However my concern is how I can uplift the value in order to refinance and get my deposit back out. I can see it could be done with reconfiguring a 1 bed to 2 or extending the lease but with a newer build property even buying BMV I presume I would be waiting for the uplift in the general market? Am
  2. Hi I have a good amount of equity in my home and would like to remortgage it to take out some cash to fund deposits for 1-2 more BTL houses. Even after I take out this money I would still be below 65% LTV so should be ok, however I presume they will ask what I want the extra money for and would saying I want to buy further houses be negative against my application? Many thanks Steve
  3. Many thanks to you all for your help. Sadly it looks academic as I went to the property I am remortgaging a few days ago and the tennet has absolutely trashed it very little chance of getting the valuation I need and will have to concentrate my efforts on getting him out first. Not the easiest start in the property game for me but I suppose it's all adding to my education!
  4. Hi all, Bit of a newbie question I'm afraid but would appricate some help. I am currently remortgaging the single BTL property I have to remove some equity in order to have deposit to purchase another. I can however raise the cash for the deposit for number 2 without waiting for the first remortgage to complete. Can I apply for a second different mortgage whilst the remortgage is going through or would it effect my credit rating etc?? I am not using a broker at this time, would that help? Many thanks, Steve
  5. Hi Happy new year to everyone, lets hope its prosperous one for all. To give you my not very exciting backstory I bought a three bed semi-detached property about 18 months ago from my mother in law for £80k. Not really being too clued up I bought it on a repayment mortgage so of course have a bigger self assement bill than I planned along with having lost out on income. Having read up a lot more and read a few books including one of Rob's I am currently in the process of remortaging to intrest only and taking out (fingers crossed) £15k of equity which can fund number 2 and get me sta
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