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  1. Hi all, In need of some urgent advice if possible - I'm in the process of buying a leasehold flat in the Whitehall Waterfront block in city centre Leeds (due to exchange in the next few days). However, it's in a flood risk 3 zone AND actually had flooding affecting the underground carpark and a resulting claim against the insurance for this in 2015. There currently is buildings insurance cover in place but pretty steep at £550/year and a £5000 flood excess. The flat I'm buying is on the 3rd floor and highly unlikely to be at risk of flooding itself but obviously other parts of the
  2. Hi everyone - can anyone advise on the tax implications of this scenario: I have equity in my main residence which I'd like to remortgage and lend the finance to an SPV ltd company to buy BTL flats. I'm a higher rate tax payer so buying in a ltd co. definitely makes more sense for me. I know if I bought the BTLs in my personal name then I could deduct part of the interest payments prior to tax. Is there any tax efficient way to claim interest relief if the mortgage is taken out personally but used to buy properties within a limited company? If I charge my company intere
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