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  1. Thanks for all the responses, it does seem to be a bit of an issue. Rob, I will look into doing it myself or shop around a bit. Tim, adding that advice to the tenants property folder makes a lot of sense, I think I have that in there somewhere but will do another check to be sure.
  2. Hi Scott, I have had a similar experience with damp. I had a number of contractors give me wildly differing quotes and loads of various reasons for the damp. Smelling a fish that was going to end with me being fleeced, I resisted the urge to just pay up to the most honest looking chap (or cheapest). I did a bit of research online and some old chap on a forum said to have a look at the damp proofing layer. I hope I am not teaching you to suck eggs but it is the layer that the builders put down near the foundation and then build the walls on top of it. It is usually a bitumen soaked lay
  3. So I received this email from Connells the other day. "Dear Landlord RE: Legionella Risk Assessments are now required in rented properties. We would like to draw your attention to recent changes in Health and Safety legislation concerning Legionella. The Health and Safety Executive have published both a Code of Practice and Technical guidance on Legionnaires’ disease, which now brings rented domestic properties into the regulations. This means that as a Landlord of rented properties you now have a legal responsibility for carrying out a Legionella Risk Assessment in order to meet the r
  4. Hi Simon, I tried to get back to you sooner but I had problems logging in. Thanks for the advice and the spreadsheet, I have been trying to download it but keep getting errors so will try again later. I'll let you how I get on. Thanks again.
  5. Rob, I just had a look at Xero, it looks pretty good. I am going to have a chat with my accountant and then I might go for it. I like the idea of being able to add receipts on the go and also the capturing of all the expenses through my bank account would be useful. I have missed some expenses in the past using just the spreadsheet method. And this is tax deductible so it seems like a win win scenario. Thanks for steering me onto it.
  6. Thanks Rob, I don't have a large portfolio (yet) so I think a spreadsheet it will be for now. Do you perhaps know where I could get a decent template of one? I want to avoid making a major mistake because I used one that was sub standard. Cheers PS, love your guys podcasts and this site, it has made my learning curve a lot less steep!
  7. Hi, I am currently using a pretty standard spreadsheet to log my expenses and income but was wondering if there is a better way of keeping records? I want to see if I can do my own tax returns (save some money) and want to make sure that my bookkeeping is watertight. Also, my day job is majorly time consuming, so saved time is always a bonus. I looked online and a lot of people seem to think quickbooks or something like that may be a good investment. What I would like to know is what do the landlords on this site use for bookkeeping etc? Any tips or tricks of the trade would be greatl
  8. Hi desanj, I actually haven't yet, but I will be now. Thanks for the heads up. Wes, I agree, it sometimes feel like I am going in blind. I'm going to take Desanj's advice and do more research. Also going to ask loads more people if and who they use. Good luck
  9. Hi John, I can't help but I have a similar problem, I used an accountant to sort out my tax returns etc because I don't have enough time to do it myself (crazy daytime job). Problem is this person, though perfectly capable, does not seem too interested in helping me save money. No advice on where I could save some cash or what expenses I could claim etc. I will probably be changing to someone else soon, but am worried I will get the same situation again. I wonder if they just don't care much unless you have a large portfolio. Hope you found someone. Dave
  10. Hi everyone. Dave here and I am new to the site. Found out about it by accident when I was listening to podcasts on my phone. So, I am relatively new to the property business (2 years) and have two flats I let out. I would like to get into property full time but that is probably a good number of years away. I want to buy another this year hopefully and I want it to be a house this time (flats can be difficult sometimes). No specific skills that I can think off but hopefully in time I will be able to assist others.
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