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  1. https://www.taxinsider.co.uk/393-Landlords_Is_Your_Buy_to_Let-a_Cinema_or_a_Ship_Repairs_Before_the_First_Letting.html found this on another forum
  2. Evening all, we had the keys today for our new BTL and had been advised by the Agent that there might be some issues with clamming all the costs of repairs/decorations as the tax liability has changed, thought id sound you out, going by the above replies it sounds a bit ambiguous. The house was a private home before we bought it, and someone could move in , we are going to Replace an internal door. Decorate throughout. Tile the conservatory floor Decorate the outside Pat Test and Periodic Inspection Power Flush, Boiler Service and Landlords.
  3. Not sure on the specifics, we own B as we do C, C now has the wives as members also, there not involved in A or B ! sounds like Morse code ! thank you for your advice and help you've given. I find keeping things simple help !
  4. Hi Stuart/Allan, thank you for the responses, interesting inst it what a different perspective gives, and its a bit of a minefield, we use our experts to give us the best advice to try and give a clearer understanding of the correct way of doing things, its not until later down the line it is clearer that it is right or wrong or a more complicated view. the aim is to provide a portfolio for our future and retirement and to go on for another generation, although i know a lot about houses/property I dont know a lot about Mortgages and Companies and the ways things are done.
  5. Hi all, were just dipping our toes into the the BTL market, our accountant advised us to set up a separate company from our main businesses in the form of an LLP, we have a good deposit of £75k and are looking to put that down on two properties, we decided our plan and budgets going forward, however after a meeting with our Mortgage Broker last week im a little deflated as he had never come across an LLP in BTL markets and argued the savings might be offset by the interest rates hikes, he has come back to me since then after doing a little research himself to say that the market for LLP mort
  6. Hi all, im 38 and new to Property Investments other than buying my own home ! We are builders and have set up an LLP as a vehicle to purchase properties for our pension , it is meant to be an efficient way of doing so our accountant informs us. Im torn between buy buying in the North for cash to start the portfolio or buying one with a mortgage local to me in East Sussex, we presently have £75k in the bank and are managing to put away £1k per week to build up the deposit, i've read quite a bit on this forum and on tribes and i have to say they are both great resources.
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