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  1. I have built up a portfolio of 4 BTL properties within the last 10 months and I am now attempting to arrange a mortgage for my 5th property which I have an offer accepted on. Despite having 25% equity on each property; 40% equity on my residential and significant savings, the mortgage companies are concerned that I am a risk as my portfolio has been built up quickly and I am an inexperienced landlord. Has anyone else encountered issues like this?
  2. Hi. Zoopla is probably best or Ritemove but Zoopla seems to have quicker updates, generally 3 months after conclusion of missives.
  3. Fantastic Derek thanks. I've messaged you. Andy
  4. I have heard the Rob;'s discussing the importance of having a detailed tenants information pack if you intend to self manage properties. The comments have been that a comprehensive guide, detailing what the tenants should do in a variety of situations will minimise the amount of calls the landlord will receive. Does anyone have a template of an information pack that they would be willing to share, or be able to point me in the direction of where I would fine one? Many thanks in advance Andy
  5. Would you necessarily want to transfer that first property into the Ltd company though? Why not just keep it separate as a private investment in your name? There may be a reason for not doing this and I'd be keen to know if there is?
  6. Hi I'm looking for a recommendation for a Ltd Company mortgage broker in or near Glasgow. Does anyone have a recommendation? Many thanks in advance Andy
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