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  1. Hi Chris, Has there been any progress on your front? Also sent you a pm. happy to connect. Regards, Lars
  2. Hi, How have you been doing, managed to secure an HMO? I am currently looking at Leeds for HMOs, happy to touch base. Regards, Lars
  3. Hiya, I am London based and started a while ago to focus on Leeds as my investment area. I have bought my first BTL in York about a yar ago and now looking to do student HMO's in Leeds around Headingley. It is article 4 yes, and while one does pay a bit of a premium for that you also get piece of mind of not having to worry about future competition (new HMOs pop up left right and centre these days) and a very low amount voids. So I don’t think it’s all bad. Also from deals i am finding, the number still stack up quite well (i.e. 15% ROI in a ltd with full mgmt.) Anyway, I started talking
  4. Hi Paul, Please feel free to reach out. I have been loking for a few month now of looking to invest in student properties HMOs in Leeds. Would love to connect and exchange knowledge. Thanks, Lars
  5. Hi, Besides the generic google search result i have not come across anything/anyone with specific experience. It might just be that there is not that much to it but i keep an eye open and you in the loop. Please let me know should you come across something as well. Thanks & regards, Lars
  6. Hi Kirsty, Thank you very much for your reply. I will happily reach out once i get closer to a potential purchase target. Thanks & regards, Lars
  7. Hi, I completed on my first vanilla BTL through a Ltd. a few months ago and am now looking into higher yielding and high value deals. The two main strategies that i am looking at are HMO's and multi-unit freehold blocks (MUFB) (2-5 flats) of which i am very eager to get a deal in before the SDTL holiday ends. Now, since i also started freelancing a few months ago i did hear that getting an HMO mortgage can be quite tricky if one does not have a long track record of freelancing and/or 6+ months of projects lined up. Vanilla BTL's however should be easier given i soon have 6+ month AST t
  8. Hi All, I have purchased my first BTL last year and am now keen to enter the next level of higher yielding and income focused property deals. HMO's spring to mind, however they come with loads of extra cost and regulation and limited financing options so my attention has shifted onto MUFB (Multi-Unit-Freehold Blocks). These are known to have high yields and also better financing options than HMO's. Now i was wondering if anyone has experience with these and could help me on the following: 1) Where/how to find MUFB deals in the first place (My investment area is mainly around York and
  9. Hi Property Hub members, I am London based and have been reading and learning about UK property since around 2 years. With it came the whole obsession around financial freedom and passive income which is especially attractive as I have been working in a long-hours office job I could really do without. It was very difficult to get started but somehow I completed a first BTL through a Ltd. in York (through Propertyhub invest) and have now narrowed down on Leeds for further investments. I am fortunate that besides some savings I came into some funds through my family (100k+) Given tha
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