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  1. Thanks everyone for your feedback and advice. I approached the tenant and discussed our predicament, she was very reasonable and accepted she'd had a good deal. We increased the rent by £25, not a huge jump but will increase each year from now on. We also gave her 6 months notice so she had plenty of time to adjust her finances.
  2. Hi Nick, Wow, yes that is a wreck! Although it is a very big mess and needs a complete refurb, how does it look structurally, is the roof ok etc. I can see you posted this on 5th May, have you moved forward with it? I am currently refurbing a similar property and thankfully nearing the end, although it didn't have nearly as mess as yours, the refurb work looks alike. Would be interested to hear how you're getting on. Happy to discuss what I have done/lessons I've learnt so far but wanted to check where you were at. Cheers, Bryony
  3. Hi Hitesh, Following your thread as I'm also looking for a property accountant in the Leicestershire area. Having moved from Full time employment to self employed this year, I don't feel brave enough to do my own tax return this time around! Good luck finding someone, if I hear of anyone I"ll pass on the details too. Bryony
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm after some advice on whether I should increase the rent on one of my current properties: Background 3 Bed semi-detached bought back in 2011 on a 5 year fixed repayment mortgage Current rent £595 pcm I have one lady (and her two children) live there from the time we bought it, she has undoubtedly added value to the house, decorates, maintains the garden, always pays on time and (touch wood) is a great tenant. She has now lived there for 6 and half years and although we have improved our profits by getting better rate mortgages
  5. Hi Simon, No, I haven't yet, hopefully I can make it to the meet up in May. A bit nervous about putting myself out there but excited too as I don't have anyone currently to bounce ideas around with. Have you been to any of them? Bryony
  6. Hi Everyone, My name is Bryony and to my great relief found The property Hub and podcast around a month a go. I've been busy currently working on renovating a 2 bed mid terraced 1930's house in Nuneaton. I worked in the power tool industry for 13 years and left early 2017 to follow property full time. I currently have two BTL properties in my portfolio (9 and 7 years respectively) and recently sold a third to fund my first flip.... although perhaps I should convert this to a BTL and release the equity!? It has been a steep learning curve over the
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