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  1. Thanks Mark, I’ll look at these in more detail. nick
  2. Hi all, I currently have a small but growing portfolio of 11 properties in Staffordshire, number 12 should complete next week and had an offer accepted on number 13 last week. As most are in the same town it would be great to have a map with them all on, just to keep track of where they are trends etc. But doing it digitally via apple or google maps would make more sense. Does anyone have any knowledge of doing this already, or is there something better suited? Thanks in advance. Nick.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I have done my due diligence and out of 8 identical flats in the row, 5 are let most to tenants of 3 plus years. As mentioned in my post, I let the flat in question in a matter of a couple of days for really good money. tbh, if any more become available I would have no hesitation in buying them. I’ll report back on the appeal, which is with Paragon now. Nick.
  4. I did exactly this, bought 2 flats and a small house with the money. No problems whatsoever, it’s just a directors loan to the business.
  5. So I bought a 2 bed flat some months ago, due to the deal I got, I agreed to purchase it cash. Anyway, I’m now going through the refinance with Paragon, who I’ve used before and tbh are not great. Survey/valuation done and has been declined as the surveyor claimed there is no demand in the area for rentals, which is ridiculous. I already own the flat next door, bought 2 years ago, tenanted since. This flat has has a tenant in since the refurb was completed. Both 2 bed flats, 2 miles from the city centre, 15 minute drive from the M6, plenty of local amenities etc etc. Has anyone else been in this situation and more importantly managed to overturn via appeal? thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone know of an insurer that will insure a propoerty that lies within 50m of a past coal claim? Hamilton have declined, so i need a more specialist insurer, or someone who can read the report, which states: "Any movement in the ground due to coal mining activity associated with these workings should have stopped by now" Nick.
  7. Thanks for this. I had to send an accountants letter once last year, to help with an application. Will bear this in mind, but the difference in price will more than make up for the inconvenience. Nick.
  8. So, we have just completed our second year as a LTD company, currently have 8 properties, with another owned personally, not in the LTD co. The accountant we used for year one has just increased the fees x 3 to well over £3000. TBH, theres not a huge amount of work as we only refurbed two properties last year, the others are just rent in, manangement fees, etc. A friend of mine has an accountancy business and can do the accounts for 1/5 of the new quote. Has experience of dealing with Property investment business. However, they are not chartered accountants, but are an established accountancy business with plenty of employees, should this make any difference, or do i need a chartered accountancy practice? Thanks in advance. Nick.
  9. So i have a property that ive just spent a lot of money refurbishing ready to let. Middle of December, the agent told me they had found a tenant who was going to move in, but not until the end of Jan, anyway i chased them Friday and the tenant is no longer taking the property. The agent had taken a holding deposit, which apparently the tenant loses, surely this should be passed to me as, we stopped marketing the property, what are others experience. BTW, the agent said i dont get it. Nick.
  10. Ive had two of these, one for securing a property that i own and one for a property that i now own, but when the work was carried out i did not. Apparently they tried to get the monie from the tenant, but failed so as the landlord im responsible, then its my job to recover from my tenant. Who is not the easiest person to deal with. Does anyone have any experience in this field before i ask my lawyer? The bills are for £210 and £270 respectively. Nick.
  11. The tenant seems to fall out with people, yes its a rough area, but on the up. He's someone i've been stuck with since I bought the property a year ago. Definitely one of his associates, so its on him. Nick.
  12. Hi, I have a housing benefit client who in less than one year, has now had 4 windows broken. One last year and 3 more over the last month or so. The three are still boarded up, pending repair. I've written a letter to him, asking him what his plans for repair are, this is yet to be posted. Because: I googled it and on the shelter website it states that the landlord is responsible for window repairs. I assume this would be wear and tear related and not for broken windows whilst under an AST. Thanks in advance for your advice. Nick.
  13. Thanks Paul, I had issued a section 21 notice, he’s not been back for 2 months. Onwards and upwards .
  14. Hi All, I have a housing benefits tenant, his 6 month agreement ran out on the 1st November. On the 16th October his girlfriend(ex) called me to say they had split up and he had now moved to Somerset. She was not living at the property, however she also said that some of her belongings were still in there and she would like them back. I've called him several times to make contact to establish if this is true without success. His Facebook account confirms the split. I've messaged him on facebook, he did reply once to say that he would call me earlier in the week, which he did not. Nothing since. I did message him asking for confirmation, again without any reply. I do have a feeling that he was only using the property as a postal address with the odd night spent there. As part of his AST there's a clause referencing abandonment for 14 consecutive days, allows me to enter the property. P.s. He does not owe me any rent atm. How should I proceed? Thanks in advance. Nick.
  15. Hi Debbie, Thanks for taking the time to answer this for me, I’ll fill out the forms later today. Also thanks for your input Chis the discussion confirmed what I thought. ill be sure to post back when it gets resolved. Much appreciated. Nick
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