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  1. Hi Alex, Speak to James Sherrard at St. Barts Finance, he is straight to the point, and has helped my wife and I recently with mortgages for 2 properties. ph: 01202 086111 Good luck
  2. Dear Hubbers, My partner and I are all set now, company registered, team's been set, we are ready to rock and roll so to say! We have been looking North (Liverpool) due to higher yields, but we need to get in touch with someone who can guide us as to where and what we need to buy and who we can have manage it for us? Are any of you familiar with good letting agents, who have the patience to guide us to areas/property types even potential deals? We are not limited to Liverpool, this is just where we have seen the biggest potential and lower house
  3. Hi Richard, Funny enough we were actually both listening to this Podcast on the way to the office this morning! A lot of good points in there which provided more than enough food for thought.. I think our plan is to get 2 simple BTL's and then reinvest the profits in 3 year in a 3rd property and continue this rhythm for the next 5 years. Doing some rough numbers we would want a portfolio of 20 properties by year 10, and then take a good look on whether or not to quit our jobs to devote our full attention to scaling the business. We have meeting
  4. Dear Hubbers, my partner and I are in dire need of help! our longterm goal is to have portfolio generating a cashflow of +5K of rental income from single lets, that will provide us with a pool fund to do the occassional BTS as and when we see an opportunity. we are both full time professionals and do not want to take out any money as we do not need it initially but would want to create a healthy portfolio that in time would give us to option to either develop the company furhter or continue working being happy with what we have on the side. We ha
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