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  1. Hi there, This relates to the house that I live in, but might rent / sell in the next few years. I live next to a roundabout on a dual carriageway, and we have a lot noise of cars & motorbikes accelerating in our garden. We have standard fencing & conifer trees between us but the noise still significant. Has anyone got any experience of using noise reduction fencing? I reckon it would cost around £15k (80 yards), and a survey would cost about £1k. Does the fencing make a serious difference? Is it likely to add value to the property? Any advice much appreciated! Joe
  2. Hi I am brand new to this this forum. I have one property I am about ask letting agencies to rent out & I am also looking to invest into a new BTL project. I was wondering if anyone knew of any great templates / spreadsheets that can be used to enter all income & expenditure data, so I can keep a handy eye on it all. Thanks Joe
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