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  1. Hi Jon Welcome. I live in Berkshire and left contracting in the city last month. I have gone a different route and taken a local job using property as a way to add to my income. I used funds from my limited company to start my property company. Are you planning something similar? You can find a lot of people's stories on the journal sub forum. Tim
  2. @quentin you can click on the user icon and there is a letter icon for direct message.
  3. Hi Matt, I had 3 mortgages and a purchase going on at the same time earlier this year. Resi mortage, off-plan purchase, BTL re-mortgage and BTL purchase with mortgage. Other than an insane amount of paperwork and struggling to keep things straight in my own tiny brain, there were no issues in actually applying for them. At the end of the day BTL mortgages are based on the profitability of the property being purchased. I hope that helps!
  4. Hi All, I am putting some money into a JV company with a number of investors and one developer. The amounts are managed by issuing shares to the different parties involved and the company will exist only for this one development before being liquidated after the property is sold. I am looking for some pointers on what to look for in the contract. As a shareholder what specific rights should I have? Are there any kind of standards that should be in place for deadlocks, liquidation and dispersal of funds etc? Any help much appreciated! Tim
  5. Another vote for SW London. I was recently trying to fill a room in a 2 bed BTL. I had a lot of viewings, but a lot of interest fell through. I assume this is due to people having many options. This was done via spare room and the rent is average to low for the area.
  6. OK, firstly, cards on the table, I have a portfolio of 1. When I look at buying a new property I use Yield or ROI. Is there an accepted method of how you rate a property you have owned for say 5 years and re-mortgaged twice? To use my own example, with rounded figures: I invested 100k, I return 10k p/y - 10% ROI, simple. 5 years on, I have taken 50k out of the property for another purchase. is this now 20% ROI? What about when you have taken all the original 100k out? Or should I look at yield? Or is there another metric that makes more sense,
  7. Just wanted to say thank you to Dino and Haf, very useful responses. I am definitely in the 'gun shy' zone right now. Trying to make my first purchase through a limited company and I think I have read to much and not offered enough. Question - As someone who is chain free, but needs a mortgage. Is there anything specific you do to try and distinguish yourself as a 'good' buyer. I mean in terms of showing you are serious and that you aren't out to low ball every property that you view.
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