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  1. Hey, Thanks for your input. No offence taken. I have visited the area a couple of times and viewed a number of properties as well as doing all the standard research on rightmove. I also worked through the video on the property hub about getting to know an investment area. I have a basic knowledge of the area I was just hoping that someone that is an experienced investor in the area might be able to provide some further guidance. Being a first time investor I thought it would be beneficial to open the question up to the forum and get peoples opinions.
  2. Hi guys I have just leaped into my first investment with a standard BTL property in Salford, Manchester. Was wondering if anyone on here has any knowledge of the area and any thoughts on the deal. I managed to get the deal slightly below market value. I have attached the right move link below. Any feedback is welcome. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/s6p/61096188 Cheers Mason
  3. Hi Steve I am also a first time investor like many others on here. I live in London and will be visiting Hull in a couple of weeks time. Would be great to find out about your experiences and any knowledge about the area. Cheers Mason Mspreedy@gmail.com
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