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  1. So there has been a 16% growth in property values in Liverpool! Could this be the boom before the crash? It's interesting the difference they have highlighted in this episode: between people who have actually saved money during the lockdowns that they would normally have spent on holidays, entertainment, gym memberships, hairdresser visits, trips to the pub and transport, and those who are struggling financially because they have lost jobs and businesses. What an outright lie from Labour, that tenants have been "barely considered" during the lockdowns. It could only be considered to
  2. I think there are some nice streets in Kirkdale and I have been looking there too, but I'm not from Liverpool :)
  3. That's quite expensive. Has it been refurbished to a high standard? Is it quite a large house with a garden?
  4. Working in property in London these are my observations: - Expensive flats that are on noisy main roads are difficult to let, not suprising seeing the people that can afford to rent them would be working from home. An example is a two bed, two bath flat that has been on the market since September, the rent has dropped by £600pcm to £2000. -Very small flats are difficult to find tenants for. Not surprising! -Hardly anyone seems to be trying to buy in east London, although a good number of renters are wanting to move (but my work doesn't give me the whole picture so I could be wro
  5. It's great that we can still travel around the country for our business as property investors. After all, you can't inspect a new purchase virtually. Well, you could, but it's definitely a reasonable excuse to go and inspect it in person.
  6. How do you know RW Invest are doing well? Are you part of RW Invest? :) They have a lot of expensive studios for sale. Who would want to buy an expensive studio in Liverpool? Who would want to live in an expensive studio in Liverpool in a season of unending lockdown? How many foreign students are coming to study in Liverpool? I'd be interested to know what the figures are for reductions in overseas enrolements.
  7. I am purchasing a house that has been empty for 5 years and has blocked guttters that need replacing. The timber fascias are wet and the end of the roof rafters are rotten. This is what I have learnt from the building survey. But what I don't know is the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to fix it. It's hard to get access to the property to get quotes because I am far away. Has anybody had experience of this, and how bad is it likely to be? Does it cost a lot of money to replace all the timbers? The house appeared to be ready for tenants to move in, with a nice kitc
  8. I've noticed a huge amount of apartments for sale in Liverpool by RW Invest. They all seem dreadful - many of them overpriced tiny studios. I am sure RW Invest is in serious trouble and won't be able to move these. Who would buy a tiny studio in endless lockdown? Are any international students coming to study in Liverpool, with lockdowns, closed universities and forced quarantine? It looks to me like they were having problems moving these apartments even BEFORE the government imposed these draconian measures.
  9. That's interesting to hear. What's wrong with terraced houses in the town centre? I'm purchasing a house in Balby, about 15 mins walk from the railway station. I have focused my search on houses with good yields within walking distance from the train station, as I don't have a car! (And because it's complicated figuring out how buses work in a new town!)
  10. Hi everyone, I received an inheritance overseas, and after some investigation found that I can't get a mortgage in that country, but found a town with good yields in which I can buy a house with cash. But then I heard that it's a bad idea to invest in a town that's less than 100,000 people. This town has 56,000. I know the Robs always say fundamentals are important, and I think the fundamentals are ok in this town. What do people think? Is it a bad idea to invest in a town with less than 100,000?
  11. That's a good idea. I've also just seen that the government doesn't advise against it, but seems to consider routine inspections as essential, as long as you follow the procedures to limit virus spread: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-and-renting-guidance-for-landlords-tenants-and-local-authorities/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-for-landlords-and-tenants
  12. My house had not had a property inspection since the tenants moved in, and the inspection it should have had is now four months overdue. The letting agent says it's not going to do one at the moment because of advice on this. To enter somebody's home is allowed to buy a property, to sell a property, to rent a property and for a whole range of other reasons. If they use the argument "it's not essential" that's not true because a property inspection is essential to check that there is nothing that needs repairing urgently that the tenants may not have noticed or may have ignored. If they us
  13. And do they charge extra for this? I have just paid an accountant to do my accounts and I am pretty much as confused about my accounts now as I was before I hired him...
  14. Hi everyone, I just did a search to see rental prices in L6 for 3 bedroom houses and there are 67 results. In my opinion 2 bed terraces should rent for about £450 and 3 bed for about £500. The results of the 67 properties have a huge span: from £300 to 1235. But actually all the cheaper ones are the price per room for students, and all the most expensive ones are also aimed at students in houseshares. All the cheaper ones should actually be advertised as a room for rent not a three bedroom house, and all the most expensive ones seem to be ripping off the poor students! The cheapest 3
  15. I would also be interested if anyone has any recommendations. I searched for ages for a letting agent I liked and when I finally chose one they didn't reply to my email saying I'd like to go ahead! I am using Property Hub Lets but they are based in Manchester, I think it's better to have a local agent let your property. Also so that any contractors can easily get the keys from them.
  16. Hi everyone I just saw this ad for a room in a houseshare for sale!! Is this even possible - to buy a room and not a flat or a house? Is this a scam? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-73840884.html?utm_content=v2-ealertspropertyimage&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdatesinstant&utm_term=buying&sc_id=33344582&onetime_FromEmail=true&cid=c889b31b-fe91-4aca-83a2-9bd151385a1f&csg=e30afd869797a90898ff39a43fcc2e25dd908bc5a07125f01b5d6416f7364c68
  17. How do you charge them redecorating charges at the end of the tenancy? Do you have that written into the tenancy agreement somewhere?
  18. So investing in gold is a "conspiracy theory"? Is this your usual habit, to dismiss all views you don't like as "conspiracy theories"?
  19. I don't think current times are different to anything seen before. This is a great video explaining how the same economic mistakes are being made today that ancient Rome made before it collapsed:
  20. The Keynesian economic system we have of continuous money printing cannot carry on indefinitely. It's creating a bigger and bigger bubble and at some point the bubble has to pop and hopefully then we will go back to sound money backed by gold and truly free markets, and our governments will no longer be able to rob us through money printing. I love Robert Kiyosaki! But I disagree with him that online teaching is the way of the future. How many parents were not keen to get their kids out of the house and back to school? I think homeschooling is a fantastic thing if parents are committed to
  21. So great to hear Robert Kiyosaki on the podcast this week! So Robert Kiyosaki has been buying gold since Robert Nixon took the US off the gold standard in 1971. And now Warren Buffet is also buying gold. Is it because they like shiny trinkets, do you think, Dino?
  22. Utter catastrophe and then a fast recovery. If governments can't print money then they are forced to NOT spend beyond their means, which means that they can no longer rob us through money printing infation and through higher and higher taxes. It will eventually result in everyone being much wealthier and the gap between the rich and the poor reduced.
  23. You bought a house with a natural spring running through it! How did you miss that? Do you mean the spring ran underneath the house? What did you do to try to stop water getting in?
  24. Hi Bendrix I see no one's replied to you yet. My guess is that if the contract you signed is called a lodger's agreement, then you're a lodger. Do you have an update on this? Have you sought legal advice?
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