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  1. Hi all, Seeking for advice. I have been in touch with a professional tax manager to get some help to open a Ltd Co in the UK. They have quoted me for their services as below: - Formation of the company: 420 pounds - HMRC Tax registration: 240 pounds - Annual company accounts & Company tax return: 1 - 2 properties: 1,440 pounds up to 6 properties: 2,640 pounds I would like to know if these prices are reasonable or not? Thanks
  2. Hello Property Hub fellow members, We are both French currently living in Singapore. We have been in several property workshops like rich dad/poor dad and started to educate ourselves in financial education this year. We probably still have a lot to learn but we would like to put a big step forward and buy our 1st property by end of this year (for BTL purpose), maybe 2 if we can. We have been in touch with tax accountants, mortgage brokers and been advised that a limited company will be the best vehicle to carry our investment in the UK as we are living ove
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