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  1. Thank you so much for you advice. We are not yet married but engaged. I will look into that, thank you.
  2. Hey My partner and I are looking to purchase our first BTL this year but I can’t figure out whether to buy in our names or through a LTD company. One question I can’t find an answer for is, if we were to purchase in our names can the profits generated be split different between my partner and I? Any profits would push me into the higher tax brackets where as my partner would continue in the lower tax bracket? Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance for any advice. Will
  3. Hi everyone, I was hoping for a little bit of advice, I am looking to sell my current house and buy a new property with my partner by the end of the year. With the equity in my current property this should allow me to have a deposit for a BTL property. I am then looking to start a LTD company in which to start a property business. My question is as I will have a property in my own name, if I was to purchase a BTL property through the LTD company would I have to pay a second home stamp duty for the property purchased by the LTD company? I am looking to purchase under £100k so I am hoping a
  4. Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate a bit of advice, as I am looking to get into property investment for the first time and I feel like my head is in a spin, with all the information available and deciding which strategy is best for myself. I currently own a 3 bed semi detached house as my residential property, on my own, which is valued in the region of £145k, however in the near future I am looking to purchase a new residential property with my girlfriend, but I would like to keep my current property but change the mortgage to BTL. Just to add another complexity to it, I was
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