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  1. Sorry not posted for a while but I am looking for a solicitor recommendation who has experience with dealing with disrepair claims. Need some initial advice thanks
  2. ok just thought i would post the answer which is you cannot continue with the judgement online. I needed to download form N225. Send the completed form with a copy of the defendant SA9 form to the county court in Notingham. The court will then decide what the monthly payment should be. Hopefully more the £1 per month offered !!
  3. Hi, I submitted an online county court claim for rent arrears via MCOL online. I received a N9A form of admission of the claim from the tenant and offering £1 per month. Obviously I don't wan't to accept this. However as far as I can see there is no facility to detail what the tenant has offered online and anywhere I can put the reason for not accepting it ie false expenses etc. The only options seem to be judgement as the defendant hasn't responded or judgement as the the defendant has admitted the amount. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hi , Just wanted to post an update on this question from Chris. I am in the early stages of getting my first mortgage via my limited company and this topic ie subsidiary came up with my broker. It would seem that this structure does narrow the field but there is still plenty of lenders out there happy to lend.I am reliably informed the trend seems to be that any restrictions on lending to this type of set-up are being relaxed as lenders are getting to grips with this type of structure and the benefits to investors. Cheers Mark
  5. good question.... In my numerous conversations with different people about my ltd co investing approach ( ie loan fund to my property ltd co to buy cash and then re-finance after 6 months ) this was never mentioned as an issue, however the proof will be in the pudding when i look to refinance later this year !
  6. Hi, I posted my set-up earlier in the thread ie My IT limited company loans to my newly formed Property Ltd company (which is a subsidiary). There is no interest to be repaid and no double corporation tax liability. I only pay corporation tax on any profits . I am now actively operating this way going forward ie have loaned money to my property ltd co money and purchased my first ltd co property. It seems to be working ok and the Property hub tax review I had recently ( which I can highly recommend ) confirmed this approach. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Nick, Great Read. I would replace the boiler. With the length of guarantees offered now - its piece of mind. You really don't want to spend money and then with a short period of time the boiler going and a disgruntled tenant and the subsequent hassle. Once you replace its done and its piece of mind. The property looks great - good luck !
  8. BTW I have heard great things about Yellow Lettings !! ( unfortunately for me they don't currently accept benefit tenants )
  9. Hi Adrian, No problem. My agent is Pic my pad - they have offices in both Worsley and Irlam (Salford ). They cover a wide area including greater Manchester , Bolton and beyond. The ladies in the office are great to deal with, super proactive and communicate well. The owner Oliver is also very approachable and easy to deal with. If you ever give them a try be sure to mention my name - you will be looked after.
  10. Hi Sam, I use appliance world 0262 7943030 - they are based in Swinton ( pretty sure they would cover Manchester central ) . Reasonable and good service. Ask for Steve Hardman and mention my name.
  11. Hi Adrian, Since my post last year - this agent is letting approx 15 of my properties - I still manage a handful as they are long term tenants and when they will leave I will also pass these over. I have negotiated 8% per property. I find the tenants, they just charge a small fee $50 to do the initially sign. I wish I had done this years ago. It has made my life so much easier. Its the one thing that has made the biggest impact in my property business. I can now concentrate on the things I enjoy doing. Do you due diligence and get referals. I had tried agents before and had always been disappointed with the service. There are good agents out there which are worth their weight in gold. Get the right agent and 8% is a no brainer - I learnt the hard way ! Hope this helps. Mark
  12. Hi Damien, thanks for the reply - hope your well ! Yes, It's been a long time coming. This is hopefully the start of my cash recycling journey...
  13. Hi, I have managed to secure an off market property deal. To start the ball rolling ( without there being an agent ), i'm thinking of getting the seller to draw up a notification of Sale (subject to contract ) with just the basics on ie property address, purchase price + seller and my details including solicitors. We both sign it and send on to our solicitors. Other than that its just a case of chasing the solicitors as I always seem to do anyway. The property is a cash purchase so no mortgage involved. Does that sound like a plan or is there something else I am missing ? Many Thanks Mark
  14. Hi Andreas, I would say you do have a claim as you have proof from a credible valuation that it was over priced and not minimum 15% BMV. If you don't want to work with them any more I would right a strongly worded letter to advise they have not delivered what they promised and you request your money back. State if this is not forth coming you will be taking the matter to the small claims court and sharing your bad experience with other property investors who are looking for property sourcer's The only time I have tried a sourcer in the UK for a property which was in a different part of the country I experienced a very similar situation. However I did receive the fee back with no issues. Checkout Rob Dix view http://www.propertygeek.net/how-to-find-a-property-sourcer/
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