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  1. Hi Just looking for some advice on the tenant deposit scheme. My previous tenant moved out and left my property in a state of disrepair as well as being in rent arrears slightly. I have inventorys and all of the evidence and the estate agents who manage our property obtained a quote to repair the damage of £4,000. The deposit was only £750. The tenants have finally responded to the estate agents calls and emails after nearly 3 months of moving out ignoring all contact and don't agree with my claim, but will not raise a dispute with the TDS. I've since discovered that only th
  2. Thanks TaxAntics that's great. If I could take you up on that offer of a chat it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Adam
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    Hi, Recently moved house and retained old property to rent out. I've been informed that I need to let HMRC know and will have to file a tax return. Although i've read numerous books and resources struggling to understand how I do this and what I can offset, can I use my wife's tax bracket if she earns less than me? All seems like a different language. If anyone could provide any help that would be great. Thanks Adam
  4. I've recently purchased a property in Kingswinford, Dudley and require contact details of reliable builders, in order to build an extension and carry out a refurb. Thanks in advance, for any recommendations.
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