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  1. Probably shouldn't be posting here as I don't invest in Greater (or even Lesser) Manchester. Hey hoo, what could possibly go wrong.... We have established that you are primarily after capital growth with yield as a secondary factor. But that is really all you have supplied. It's all about numbers. Presumabily you have all the numbers to compare the two? What do they say? Forget the area for the moment, which property does your number crunching say is the best? We can come back to the area later...
  2. I'm probably being a bit thick here, but surely your JV agreements had some form of exit strategy? Is the mortgage in your name only or are all the JV investors also named?
  3. My interest is piqued. Care to elaborate?
  4. And, of course, they never lie and always deliver their manifesto pledges.
  5. Would be nice if you shared @snookjasunless, of course, there is a commercial aspect.
  6. And questions are what they need as some agents don't seem to realise that they are in the business of selling properties.... Example, from today: Wife to estate agent: "Terribly sorry, but we can't make the block viewing today as we are viewing another property at that time." Estate agent: "Ok, no problems". Starts to terminate call.. Me to wife (sotto voce): ("Ask her if there is another block viewing"). Wife to estate agent: "Are there any other viewings?". Estate agent (instantly): "Oh yes, there's one tomorrow....." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. Luxury. Young people of today, don't know they're born.......
  8. I think it depends on what the outcome is. Certain voices have been floating a putsch against private landlords.......
  9. HMO's may seem attractive to you, but you might find it extremely difficult to get finance. Most, if not all, lenders, require some form of experience in the rental market before lending.
  10. I think that the two Rob's would be saying "write down what you want to achieve". How can you start your "journey" (I hate that expression) if you do not know your destination. Once you know that, you can begin to formulate a plan based on your financial status and your timelines. So, first question: What is your ultimate goal?
  11. Thanks Conrad for your thoughts. I was using that as an extreme (although factual) example, we're pretty happy with the valuation that we have now put on the property. It was just my feeble attempt to demonstrate the range of end values that sites like zoopla can throw at you and the need to look at every possible source for information.
  12. @lilla dPlease do not take this the wrong way, genuine question. If you are working with an established landlord who is adding to a portfolio, why is more work involved?
  13. No, as @julia urquhartsaid, it is an algorithm which takes the last known sale price and adds a percentage uplift or downlift. I think, as a relative newbie, (two properties down, looking for the third and fourth) that this is possibly the most difficult skill to master when evaluating a potential property purchase. It drives almost all your purchasing decisions. We're currently looking at an auction property that has a final market value of somewhere between 110k and 150k. Until we can tie that down how can we possibly know what to bid? Taking that example, say our total costs plus desired profit are 50k. At a 110k valuation we bid up to 60k and we are happy. But we could easily be outbid by someone using the higher valuation, with the same criteria, but happy to bid 90k. I'm waffling, sorry. Use zoopla, rightmove and just about everything else you can think of to do your own valuation.
  14. As soon as the legal pack is available, have your solicitor look at it. Maybe warn them (your solicitor) that it might be a short notice. Some legal packs are not issued until the last minute.