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  1. No, not caulk. Wrong product in this instance. Cracks should be widened and then filled with a proper powder or ready mix filler, sanded back and re-decorated.
  2. Where great brokers are concerned, they don't come much better than https://cyborg.finance/. I think Adam is on here (@adam_h?) somewhere - he may pop up. Anyhoo, top brokers. Honest advice and patient (when things get a little bogged down. as they always do).
  3. And my comment was a comment on the first side that you shared. No offence meant.
  4. This is a littleconfusing, at least to me. So, it's YOUR garage, a former neighbour (?) has built a patio which abuts your garage above DPC? The current neighbour is the one unaware of the problem? And that's the one you have fallen out with? I need a drink........
  5. Not wrong there! Tax is a marginal tax, not on the gross. And you are also being ripped off by your electrician! £100 tops. I see where you are coming from though......
  6. @casemod Your original post made no mention of your seemingly preferred (?) option of electric heating??? And is the good point that you congratulate @julia urquharton the fact that she probably would not want to rent your property? Now you are mentioning heat pumps. I am too confused now, you seem to want some form of validation for something...
  7. @pauldavidthomas I really hope that you posted this having drink taken or that it was a very tasteless joke.
  8. As far as I can tell, you have a property that virtually nobody (except yourself, of course) would rent. So, simple mathematics: 10 years at zero rent = 0. 10 years at, lets be silly, rent of £50 pcm, = £6000 less the boiler cost still seems to be a plus in my book....
  9. Forget the appeal - waste of your time. Did you present the valuer with any evidence of rental demand in the area? Valuers are sometimes "out of area" and need, shall we say, a little push in the right direction. And if your chosen mortgage provider is "tbh not great" then change them. Use a decent broker with access to whole of market and who give great advice - you can feel a recommedation coming here can't you! Here it is! https://cyborg.finance/ Mark or Adam will do you proud.
  10. I have a slight red flag raised over your builder. This is the sort of discussion he/she should have had with you before starting works. You are removing a load bearing wall - presumably a steel is being inserted? Is the builder specifying the steel or a structural engineer? I'm probably being over cautious.............
  11. £2k. Each. Plus £2k for contingency. Very rough rule of thumb. So £10k all in. Possibly. You didn't go for planning without doing any numbers - did you? Course not.
  12. It's an expression that means you will probably research many properties, spend many hours, until you finally find one that works for you - then you have to secure it.
  13. Sorry dude. This is the way it is, rightly or wrongly. Potential purchasers factor all these costs into their numbers before arriving at a maximum bid. Same with the modern method of auction, the reservation fee is factored in.
  14. Your question, as posted, is practically unaswerable. Your way forward is to research into the area into which you wish to purchase. With each potential purchase, research the local area, sold house prices, properties currently being marketed etc etc. Look at each one and determine what level of refurb is required. Thend do some more research into the costs of doing that in your area. Sorry, no easy fix. You have to put in the many hard hours of research to get the figures you need. And, you also have to kiss a shedload of frogs before you find your first prince....
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