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  1. I'll give a +1 for http://www.thehomeinsurer.co.uk/ (Just didn't realise that this Jason ^^^^^ was the one we have dealt with twice, thus far! Small world....)
  2. It's also relatively safe to say that most online comments are either under researched or just plain wrong. Not read "the book", but listened to bits on audible when my wife was listening to it. Irritated the hell out of me!
  3. Wlll, there's a headwind right there. If it has a licence you won't be converting it, if it doesn't, you need to research the stance taken by the local authority to yet more HMOs.
  4. I think that maybe you are working from the wrong end. At the moment you are effectively saying, I'll take a part time job and then become a landlord. What I think you should be doing is working backwards. What is my ultimate goal? (Example) Gross income from property of £1000 pcm in 2 years How, theoretically, do I get that. x number of lower value properties, y number of higher end What level of finance will I need to achieve that... How will I finance the finance, how much will I need How much do I need to earn to get there Can I earn that part time or do I suck it up for a few years and work full time... Just my $0.02, hope you get there, but there is a lot of hard work to do. Oh, and read, learn and inwardly digest everything you possibly can on this forum and any others you can find. There is no such thing as too little knowledge.
  5. I would buy every single property that I could find that has Japanese Knotweed. When RICS come to their senses those properties are going to be worth a lot more. Only 2 things stopping me (well, 1 really) - just looked in the account and there is not a million there..........
  6. I need to make sure that what I think you are saying is actually what you are saying: You will spend the next three years "studying" whilst living with your parents. Then, instead of using whatever "qualifications" you obtained in those three years, and not wanting a full time job, god forbid, you will take a part time job. And then become a property owning landlord? I have to say, that's ambitious!
  7. With regard to the legal side of things, buying at auction is no different from "normal" buying. However, if you are arranging finance to purchase, the lender may require a "firm" of solicitors (more than one in the company) rather than a single solicitor working alone. Irritates the hell out of me as we have a diamond of a solicitor for "normal" purchases but she can't act for us when we look to buy with bridging finance. With regard to the financing, there are plenty of brokers out there who will give you a decision in principle for auction purchases. We use https://bespokefinance.info/ . I have no connection with bespokefinance, am not a lawyer or mortgage broker. Any opinions expressed are personal and should not be acted upon without further professional advice. Phew...
  8. I do hope this was a joke. Avoid at all costs. You already have the absolute best people to guide you in this - your parents. You say that they have 20 odd properties? There is no-one on here better placed than them to help you, just ask. (I know that can be hard). And really, you have already answered your own question with regard to a JV with your "cousins". You have doubts, your Dad has doubts........ Good luck though, whatever you decide.
  9. That is a huge ask from one program. Each of those requirements is a significant programming task, taking into account all the possible variables. There are programs out there that do some of your requirements, however I think that you will struggle to find one program that does all. However, a few days excel work, and if you can encompass all those requirements, then you have just got yourself a product that you can sell, many, many times over.
  10. Have a read here: https://letproperty.campaign.gov.uk/ Might be helpful.
  11. https://bespokefinance.info/ Worth a shot.
  12. Don't be constrained by areas in this digital age. https://bespokefinance.info/ Adam or Mark will sort you out.
  13. Interesting idea. Laundry service. Babysitting. Personal taxi to venue and back. Dishwashing. Or, and this is a bit radical, just take the rent and let them live their lives as human beings and not objects to be monetised. Just saying.