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  1. Hi Guys I recently got contacted by my tenant about mould growth and upon visiting the property I found that there were more people living there than on the AST. The property is a two bed flat and I let it to a couple in February on a 6 month AST which is now a rolling tenancy but have discovered there are 4 adults and a young child living there, no doubt this is contributing to the moisture that caused the mould. I will get advice from a solicitor to be sure I comply with the law but wondered if anyone has been in this situation before to give me advice. There is
  2. Hi guys I'm looking to invest in Liverpool soon and want to manage myself from afar. I understand the work involved and am happy to undertake it but the one thing I am struggling with is who will hold the keys to the property so that various people can get access when required e.g. contractors, inventory clerks, cleaners etc. Would a letting agent consider this for a fee if I'm not using their services? Or maybe another professional? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Matt
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