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  1. Sorry Ednan, just corrected my last paragraph as parts of it didn’t make sense when I read it back... Please could I ask what rate of interest rate might be reasonable for me to charge the company? As yet, I haven’t charged the company any interest but expect this may be a way of eventually taking money out of the company and may be a good route? (A loss shows for the first year.) Interested to hear your thoughts. Am aware that the tax free dividend limit has been reduced from 5K to 2K per year although I wouldn’t be able to take any money out this year due to not making any
  2. Hi Ednan Thank you so very much for responding to my queries. I agree with your advice and have since visited a property accountant who have quite speedily produced a first draft set of full accounts and will submit the necessary sections. They charged me an hourly rate and it took them 3 hours to assimilate all the info and finish it off. I have learnt a lot in a short space of time but realised it would be best to seek professional advice in the end. Money put into the company was put under directors loan account to be paid off in more than one year, when
  3. Hello Wondered if anyone would be willing to share an excel template/example set of accounts or guidance re completing first set of company accounts for micro-entity under FRS 105. There’s a generic template on google which is easy to find, and I attach link here: http://www.xl2xbrl.co.uk/resources/template/v1/MicroEntityTemplate.xls Having made a good start, would just like guidance in relation to how to complete for a private limited company for property btl - basic guide as to what figures should go where. For example I have queries like -
  4. Hi Dean Would be great to receive this info too if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks so much, really topical feed. Have found that there’s not really much info out there on the web for those who want to attempt doing it for themselves, so perhaps finding a good accountant is the best option especially in the early stages. All the best, Emma
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