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  1. Hi Ollie. Thanks for your reply. Initial research and Kirsteen’s advice have already steered me away from the Edinburgh FHL market. Think I missed the boat there. I’ll look forward to chatting tonight. I’ll be glad to join you at the buffet!
  2. Hi @kirsteenb. Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Your feedback is very much appreciated and has given me food for thought. I’ve lined up some chats with letting agents in the city and will see whether they give the same note of caution (though I will bear in mind their vested interests!). Thanks for the offer of experience sharing too - so kind of you. I’ll drop you a DM.
  3. Hi all. It’s a pleasure to have found you all here. I’m an Edinburgh-based property investment newbie. I’ve enjoyed, and still do, a career in the public service and am lucky enough to earn a decent salary. But at 47 I’ve have recently had the epiphany that unless I find a way to significantly supplement it, I won’t have the options, lifestyle and security I need for my family in the years ahead. I have a long standing interest in property. I’ve renovated a number of my own properties and run a successful interiors blog. But I’ve never before had the capital, knowledge and confidence to take t
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