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  1. @conrad_paton January's Meetup is cancelled due to the first Thursday falling on the 2nd January I'm afraid.
  2. Hi Kyle Welcome to the forum. We do indeed have a Meetup in Leeds - you just missed the November one (it was last night) but we're there on the first Thursday of every month. In terms of what to expect, they're very informal events. Strictly no sales, just a lovely evening connecting with other likeminded people who love property. We get a great mix of new and experienced investors all sharing their thoughts and knowledge. It really is a lovely evening with a very lovely and welcoming community.
  3. Haha I can assure you that the bath definitely wasn't luxury when we moved in!
  4. Hi Chris Welcome to the forum. I think there's a fair few within our community who started as an accidental landlord so you aren't alone It's great that you're clear on your goals - do you have a timeframe for replacing your income? As for staying close to home for your first investment, this is something we hear a lot. It's great that you're in a position to do this as there are many new investors who just can't consider investing so close to home for financial reasons. I suppose working in the industry makes you a bit more immune to remote investing but if staying close is serving as a confidence builder too, then it's a good move. How are you finding the market in Derby right now? Many deals to be had?
  5. Hi Andrew I agree with haf1963, I highly doubt they'll be making any changes. Although who knows.... stranger things have happened!
  6. Hi Nathan Welcome to the forum - and a huge hello from a fellow Homes Under The Hammer addict! I could bore you all day with the horrors of living in a project. I massively missed the simple pleasure of walking around in bare feet and having clean hair that didn't contain brick/plaster dust! The woodworm discovery also wasn't pretty, but neither was the swarm of cluster flies that decided to descend and surround me as I was running a bath! All that being said, it's been a great experience and we're discussing the possibility of another now so clearly it's not put us off completely. Who knows what the future holds. If I could roll back a few years though, I'd seriously consider doing a plaster and tiling course... good ones are so hard to track down! Please do pop down to a Meetup, they're fab events (although I'm probably a bit biased). It's a full night to chat property with likeminded individuals without the fear of being sold to. There's always a great mixed bag of new and experienced investors having a natter over a few drinks and lots of connections made. Keep us updated on your project - I love a transformation and good luck for the future.
  7. You're very welcome Tobzere - glad we could all be of help. Certainly sounds like you're on the right path. Take it all in, digest it and then take action (jeez, I sound like Rob B!) but it's a strategy even the team internally take here at the Hub. Property is a long term strategy. And Knowledge is key. So if you commit to this, you'll do much better than the majority of investors who go into the industry flying blind!
  8. Hi Grace Welcome to the forum - you've come to the right place! Have you considered attending one of our Meetups? The Manchester one is at our HQ in Piccadilly and our Leeds one is at Dakota, hosted by the lovely Jag in our tax team. Our Meetups are strictly non-salesy and are a great way to meet likeminded people interested in property, sharing experiences. They may also be able to help you nail down which strategy you want to run with. There's a whole community on here too, many of which are also based in the North, who I'm sure would be more than happy to meet up for a chin wag
  9. Hi Pete Welcome to the forum! You sound just like my husband justifying the tool-buying habit I've quickly learned that things take him at least half the time to do when he's got the decent tools to do the job, so I'm pretty much sold! Thanks for the feedback on our content - glad it comes across that Rob & Rob love what they do. I think that goes for all of us here at the Hub What's your strategy for your next property? Are you planning to put your tools to use with a refurb or flip or are you aiming for something more ready-to-go?
  10. Hi Amitai And welcome to the forum Rob & Rob have just done a video about investing as an expat which might be worth you watching. They've also covered expat buy to let mortgages here too. Northern cities are a great target (completely not biased being based in Manchester!), but there are some stellar opportunities for capital growth here! Have you thought about strategy yet? Standard buy-to-let, flips HMOs etc? In the meantime, continue to soak up all the education on the website and podcasts and the community is here to answer any questions if you need
  11. Hi Marty Welcome to the forum. Are you looking at any strategy in particular? Refurbs, flips, HMO, BTL etc? If you're OK to share, we can share some helpful resources with you that might help.
  12. Hi Kathleen Welcome to the forum - happy you found us and are enjoying the content so far. Rob & Rob have been pretty vocal about their views on paid courses, however here's a video you might also want to give a watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2mpW8cnewA&t=710s The university is a great place to start https://propertyhub.net/university/ - as are the many podcasts. If you're really not sure where to start, we'd always recommend starting with goals. If you've listened to Rob & Rob enough, you'll have heard them bang this drum so many times, because this is where most investors fail. That's why we launched our free goals calls to help people get clear on just that https://propertyhub.net/goals. Of course, if your clear on this, it all boils down to strategy and which one is right for you - whether thats BTL, flips, HMOs etc. Have you given much thought into this just yet?
  13. Hi J-Smith Welcome to the forum! Glad you're working your way through the podcasts - there's plenty to keep you busy for the next few months at least. The best thing to do would be some 'what if' modelling to see if the ERC costs would be worth it - a good mortgage broker could help you out here. There are a few other personal factors that could affect your decision here too. With regards to goals, they really need to be clear for you to then evaluate what strategy is going to help you get there. If you haven't seen it already, there's a free course to help you get clear on your goals https://propertyhub.net/course/setting-property-goals/ you could also book a free goals call with the team to help you get started https://propertyhub.net/goals/. They're completely non-salesy (just in case you were wondering), but we've identified this as an area where many new (and experienced) investors fail, so we want to try and right that wrong! I'm sure other members will be along shortly to share their thoughts. Best of luck with your journey - keep us updated with your progress
  14. Hi Tobzere Welcome to the forum - it certainly seems like you're pretty clear on where you want to be and attending the Birmingham Meetup will be incredibly beneficial to you. The Birmingham one is headed up by Chris in our invest team who's an experienced investor himself and always willing to share his experiences. It's a no-selling zone too - so you'll have an evening simply to pick people's brains and share experiences - and also make some useful contacts for the future. With regards to no money down deals - this is quite often a strategy pushed by many courses. Before you go down this route, it's worth checking out Mike Winnet's video; it's an eye opener to many new (and experienced) investors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2mpW8cnewA&t=706s. In terms of goal setting, we have a course that may help you with this: https://propertyhub.net/course/setting-property-goals/ and because of the many requests Rob & Rob were getting for help with setting clear goals, we also offer free goals calls to help people get clear on what they want to achieve. Again - they're not salesy. Not having clear goals is often where many investors fail, and obviously we want to put that right. So the offer is there if you need it https://propertyhub.net/goals Best of luck on your journey
  15. I once heard car prices depreciate as soon as you drive them off the forecourt - and by around 40% within the first year. As an example, Manchester house prices have gone up 4.5% over the last 12 months (Hometrack) - I think I'd take my chances on property