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  1. Hi Hubbers You'll have noticed there's been an extra podcast uploaded today (if you have your notifications turned on on your podcast app of choice). With Coronavirus hitting the world pretty hard, there'll be big changes in store. And rather than keep their chats to themselves, Rob & Rob have decided to record their Friday round-ups and post them unedited for you all to keep up to date on situations which are likely to change pretty rapidly. Have a listen to today's and let us know here what you thought - and if there's anything you'd like them to cover in the upcoming weeks. https://propertyhub.net/podcast/20-march-2020/
  2. Hi @dino v - today's podcast might help answer your question and explain why we chose to host Property Hub Live https://propertyhub.net/podcast/ask225-have-rob-and-rob-sold-out/ If you have any further questions, I'm happy to answer them here, just give me a shout. For those who've chosen to join us, we all look forward to seeing you there.
  3. Thanks Onkar. @sb we don't unfortunately - the search bar on our website is your best bet. If you go to 'podcast' on the site and search for whatever keywords interest you the most, you'll be presented with a list of those more suited to you.
  4. Hi Ramunas Welcome to the forum. Have you sourced any deals for yourself before you start investigating the prospect of sourcing for others? There's a course which might help you here:: https://propertyhub.net/course/how-to-get-a-deal-when-buying-property/ Re the Property Hub Meetups, we're not holding them this year. You can find out why here: https://propertyhub.net/property-hub-live-explained/ And if you want to join Property Hub Live, the details are here - although tickets are already running low after being released this morning. If that isn't for you, there's a great community on here who I'm sure would be willing to share their experience with you. Best of luck with your venture
  5. Hi Stevier88 Welcome to the forum. The only point I'd be concerned with is designing and building my own home to then rent it out further down the line - I think i'd be in danger of overdoing it on the spec and wiping out profit I think my attachment would be too much to personally have that strategy. As Conrad says, you could buy a doer-upper, add value and flip/refinance to move on. There's a course on that here: https://propertyhub.net/course/how-to-flip-a-property/
  6. Hi Alex Welcome to the forum. With the weather we're having right now, I'd be fully onboard with no. 6 on your list of future plans! Sounds like you've got some solid goals set there. I'm sure you'll find the forum a useful place to be and make some valuable connections along the way.
  7. Hi Dino We completely understand the venue choice for our first event won't suit everyone, but we had to start with one location and it made sense to start with London as that's where a huge proportion of our listeners are based. We had 3 Meetups here at one point, compared to the single Meetups we had in other cities. As Rob said, we'll be in Manchester later on in the year if you'd like to join us. If not, we'll be recording as much of the events as possible so you'll have plenty of opportunity to catch up on what's happened at PH Live.
  8. The response has been phenomenal this morning so I'm pleased you managed to bag your ticket! We've been working on this agenda for a long time so it's great to hear what everyone's looking forward to the most. You'll get to find out who those 4 investors are in the run up to the event too (we'll be unveiling our guest speakers over the next few weeks).
  9. Ah, you must have been on our priority list, Onkar! Great to have you on board, we look forward to seeing you there Which session are you most looking forward to?
  10. Hi Wookash I'll try and help here as best as I can. When we launched Property Hub Mortgages, we were inundated with enquiries. While we dealt with these, we implemented a wait-list, which again, grew and grew. So, we made the decision to close it for the time being so we could make sure clients were getting the attention they deserved. We may well open this up again in the future but this is where we are right now. Do you want to let me know what other pages you feel are missing as we don't make a habit of removing pages, particularly with shownotes. There may also be time sensitive links we include in the magazine (for example, for particular events) which will obviously be pulled down once that particular event is over. Feel free to pop us an email with anything in particular you're looking for and we'll point you in the right direction: hello@propertyhub.net
  11. There aren't any official Property Hub Meetups in 2020, Phil. We're replacing the Meetups with something bigger and better. There's a very brief overview of what's to come here: https://propertyhub.net/events but we'll be releasing more information over the next few weeks!
  12. It's relatively safe to say that the majority of property investors will have read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book at some point. The latest video from Rob & Rob goes through what they think investors should be taking from this book, and also what they should be steering clear of. Have you read the book? Is there anything you've taken and put into practice? Let us know!
  13. T J


    Hi both Our events page is still very much there: https://propertyhub.net/events We've said goodbye to our monthly Property Hub Meetups and the information on the page explains why. We'll be releasing additional details over the next few weeks so watch this space. I hope this helps and hopefully we'll see you at the next event!
  14. I personally think Derek has hit the nail on the head in terms of vulnerability. Aside from hand holding, there's very little that can't be covered for free by utilising the vast education that's available. Courses do have a place (and Rob & Rob have done a video on that here) but it's often the sales tactics that are questionable. Much more needs to be asked other than asking the trainer to prove their successes in my opinion. We might actually put something together on this topic very shortly.
  15. There's a hive of discussion surrounding the recent BBC documentary on Property Courses on social media right now, so we thought we'd create a post here to continue the discussion. If you haven't managed to watch it - the link is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000dmxc/inside-out-yorkshire-and-lincolnshire-20012020 While Samuel Leeds might have taken centre stage, this isn't isolated just to him. And if you've followed Property Hub for a while, you'll know we've said for a long time that education like this shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Time for regulation? While we don't want our community to become a place for negativity, we'd love to get your thoughts on what you took away from the documentary. It was certainly a difficult watch for many in our team and our hearts go out to Danny Butcher's family.