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  1. We're still awake Matthew Sounds like you've had a great journey so far - and kudos on the plastering, that's a skill in itself! Keep us updated on your journey (and thanks for the love - glad you've been enjoying all the content we put out!)
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sure there are others based in your area who will be along shortly and can help you. Do you have a particular strategy in mind when looking for your first property to invest in? Buy-to-let, HMO, refurb etc?
  3. HI David Welcome to the forum. There's a few resources which might be of some use to you. This video will help you decide whether a Ltd Co structure is right for you: There's also a whole video here on buy-to-let mortgages too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xudbDIJTRpQ Property Hub Tax offer a specialist property accountancy service but there's currently a waiting list for this. There are other accountants on here who may also be able to assist you. To make sure you end up working with the right one for you, there's also a video we've done on this too! Happy watching!
  4. Hi Jonathan I used to work for an insolvency practice so can probably add two cents here from another perspective. Stuart is correct in that, by them being in an IVA, they've historically showed they've had trouble managing their finances previously. However, terms of an IVA are pretty strict and can actually demonstrate they've turned a corner as payments do have to be regular. If in doubt, you can always request a copy of regular payment schedules from their insolvency practitioner to put your mind at ease that they 1) can afford their rental contributions and 2) they've got a track record for making all their payments on time. Also, as Stuart has said, that their financial difficulty might not be due to them being frivolous - we had some cases where life had just been really unkind and their circumstances were far beyond their control. I like to think everyone's entitled to a second chance. Of course if you're under any doubt though, you might want to consider another application.
  5. Today's headline is that you'll need a £587k pension pot to afford an annual holiday once you retire. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/10142233/comfortable-retirement-plsa-guide/ What are we thinking? Another compelling argument for property over pensions?
  6. Hi John And welcome to the forum. Manchester is a fine city (and I'm not biased because I'm based here!). I think there are a fair few Hubbers who will be along shortly to share their experiences with HMOs - but thought I'd post the link to a recent podcast that was part of Strategy September here: https://propertyhub.net/podcast/strategy-september-hmo/ Rob from Maygreen Investments shared his journey with HMOs and, from what we've seen, is showing an impeccable example of HMOs done properly. We don't have any ties with them whatsoever but we've loved what they've done so far! https://www.instagram.com/maygreeninvestments/?hl=en Might be worth you attending the Manchester Meetup at some point if you're around on the first Thursday of a month
  7. T J

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    Hi Ranga Welcome to the forum. There are a number of resources which might help you. You've already made a start on setting a clear goal (which is why most investors fail) - there's a load of information here on goal setting https://propertyhub.net/course/setting-property-goals/ In terms of strategy to help you achieve that goal, this might help you https://propertyhub.net/course/which-property-strategy-is-right-for-you/ dependent on what timescales you're working with. I'm sure others will be along to share their experiences with you shortly
  8. Hi Paddy And welcome to the forum - you've certainly come to the right place. The podcasts are a great place to start, the search bar on the podcast page can help you pick and choose which episodes you're most interested in. The forum is also a great resource for others to share their experience with you, there are also a load of free courses on the website too which might be worth you checking out https://propertyhub.net/?ph_courses=university&s=&search_type=blog Good luck with your journey, and please do keep us updated.
  9. Hi Matthew And welcome to the forum. You're right - we'll certainly look into getting this sorted as we're sure there are many others who are wondering the very same. Leeds is one of our most popular Meetup locations so we hope to see you at the next one. The link you'll need with all the address details is here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/property-hub-meetup-leeds-tickets-57695726471
  10. Hi Hubbers Our Zurich Meetup is fast approaching. Join us on Thurs 3rd October by reserving your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/property-hub-meetup-zurich-tickets-55334606297 See you there!
  11. Hi Jon And welcome to the forum Sounds like you've had a great start with your property journey - how did you find the flip with your Dad? Any lessons learned from it, or did it all go pretty smoothly? Great to hear you're attending a Meetup! Our London ones are always the most popular so I'm sure you'll meet lots of likeminded people. They're also hosted by the Property Hub Invest team so if you have any questions about the Leeds or Manchester markets, give them a nudge and they'll be able to share more info with you on why these are areas that really pique our interest right now. Aside from that, enjoy the night and let us know how you get on.
  12. Hi Helena Welcome to the forum! Property is a really exciting industry to get into, but maybe I'm a little biased so here's wishing you the best of luck with uni and indeed with your future goals. You've come to the right place to meet likeminded people who are more than happy to share their experiences with you, and it sounds like you have a solid goal which is always the biggie to start with. As Rafael said (and thank you Rafael for your kind words about our content), you can keep learning and educating yourself on the world of property investment via this forum, the podcast and the education sections on the site which are updated regularly. Best of luck, and please do keep us updated on your journey.
  13. Hi Karen It might be worth you having a chat with Rob from Maygreen Investments who appeared on the Property Podcast last week - he's a great source of knowledge for anyone wanting to get into HMOs. This is the episode i'm referring to, and there's a link in the shownotes https://propertyhub.net/podcast/strategy-september-hmo/
  14. Hi there Have you spoken to a broker who is familiar with the expat market specifically? Might be worth having a chat with the Property Hub Mortgage team about your options. The recent expat mortgage video might also be of some help too.
  15. Boris Johnson has pledged to revamp property tax. They’re just considerations right now but he’s looking at: Increasing the SDLT threshold from £125,000 to £500,000 Reduce SDLT rates for homes £1.5m+ from 12% to 7% The vendor to pay SDLT instead of the buyer While I’m sure we’d all love to see the 3% BTL surcharge wiped out, there’s not been any noises of this happening - but that doesn’t mean it’s not quietly being considered (we can hope!) Zoopla have published a full run-down of proposals here. What do we think? What changes would you really like to see come to fruition?