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  1. If you've not yet read up on this, you can find the main outline here: https://www.landlordzone.co.uk/news/breaking-mp-launches-bill-to-outlaw-pet-discrimination-by-landlords/ We've spoken about the pet debate previously, but how do you all feel about this? Are you pro pets in your rental properties or are they currently a no-go?
  2. Hi Rob Our shownotes can always be found on the page of each podcast episode here: https://propertyhub.net/podcast/ For example: If you wanted to find the shownotes for episode 393 (Ray Dalio episode) you can find them on this page: https://propertyhub.net/podcast/ray-dalio-understanding-economic-cycles/ This is where you'll find all the links/resources we mention in our episodes. However, if you're listening to much older podcasts, it's likely that some of the resources will be missing due to them being out of date (just in case you have trouble finding some of them). I hope this helps.
  3. Hi Sam Welcome to the forum. I can sense your frustration with this post. I've spoken to our Care Team and sent you a private message which (hopefully) might be of some help. Let us know how you get on.
  4. We're sure we're not the only ones constantly bombarded with 'property seminar' adverts across social media. It's easy to believe the hype if you're new to property.But how many of these 'gurus' are successful purely through property, and how many make their cash from selling the dream?Our latest video from Rob & Rob covers the 8 things these 'property gurus' don't want you to know about. Enjoy and let us know if you'd add any others to the list. https://youtu.be/uKd5mTYvGCs
  5. Hi Charles Not sure if you managed to find the podcast episode where Rob & Rob told all about their experiences of developing their own site - it's here if you still fancy a listen https://propertyhub.net/podcast/lessons-from-crewe-development/ Hopefully this will also give you an insight into why it always looks like it works on paper but in reality is pretty difficult to get right.
  6. There's been a fair bit of stamp duty chat on the forum (and socials) so we've put together this which should help clarify what the changes are and what they mean for property investors. There's a link to a downloadable spreadsheet you can use to calculate the potential savings on future purchases: https://propertyhub.net/stamp-duty-changes/
  7. Hi there Sorry about that, it's an old link. Here's the one you need: https://propertyhub.net/podcast/how-to-find-a-good-builder-and-set-your-project-up-for-success-part-one/
  8. Ah Kirsty, thanks so much for your kind words - I've just passed your message over to Rob & Rob. We appreciate the postponement of PH Live (and not knowing when the new date will be) isn't ideal, but we wanted to keep staying in touch with everyone and also keep giving you all value/sharing our thoughts during this time. There will be more to come, so stay tuned
  9. Hi Bertieg We did email everyone with an update - have you not received this? We've also updated our page here with an overview of what's going on and there's additional information in the FAQ section https://propertyhub.net/events To give you an update here, we're in the process of agreeing new dates however, it's very much dependent on football fixtures right now. We appreciate this isn't ideal, and we're working on exploring a few other solutions but please bear with us.
  10. Hi Hubbers You'll have noticed there's been an extra podcast uploaded today (if you have your notifications turned on on your podcast app of choice). With Coronavirus hitting the world pretty hard, there'll be big changes in store. And rather than keep their chats to themselves, Rob & Rob have decided to record their Friday round-ups and post them unedited for you all to keep up to date on situations which are likely to change pretty rapidly. Have a listen to today's and let us know here what you thought - and if there's anything you'd like them to cover in the upcoming weeks. https://propertyhub.net/podcast/20-march-2020/
  11. Hi @dino v - today's podcast might help answer your question and explain why we chose to host Property Hub Live https://propertyhub.net/podcast/ask225-have-rob-and-rob-sold-out/ If you have any further questions, I'm happy to answer them here, just give me a shout. For those who've chosen to join us, we all look forward to seeing you there.
  12. Thanks Onkar. @sb we don't unfortunately - the search bar on our website is your best bet. If you go to 'podcast' on the site and search for whatever keywords interest you the most, you'll be presented with a list of those more suited to you.
  13. Hi Ramunas Welcome to the forum. Have you sourced any deals for yourself before you start investigating the prospect of sourcing for others? There's a course which might help you here:: https://propertyhub.net/course/how-to-get-a-deal-when-buying-property/ Re the Property Hub Meetups, we're not holding them this year. You can find out why here: https://propertyhub.net/property-hub-live-explained/ And if you want to join Property Hub Live, the details are here - although tickets are already running low after being released this morning. If that isn't for you, there's a great community on here who I'm sure would be willing to share their experience with you. Best of luck with your venture
  14. Hi Stevier88 Welcome to the forum. The only point I'd be concerned with is designing and building my own home to then rent it out further down the line - I think i'd be in danger of overdoing it on the spec and wiping out profit I think my attachment would be too much to personally have that strategy. As Conrad says, you could buy a doer-upper, add value and flip/refinance to move on. There's a course on that here: https://propertyhub.net/course/how-to-flip-a-property/
  15. Hi Alex Welcome to the forum. With the weather we're having right now, I'd be fully onboard with no. 6 on your list of future plans! Sounds like you've got some solid goals set there. I'm sure you'll find the forum a useful place to be and make some valuable connections along the way.