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  1. Interested to hear the Robs recommend Derby as an underpriced area. Anyone got suggestions of good areas to invest in? Thinking houses for families. Or if someone has used a good deal sourcer I'd be interested in that too. thanks
  2. I've just moved to Manchester and am thinking of investing locally so I can self-manage and trim my costs. Salford seems to have a lot going for it and there appears to be plenty of investment still going on so might be good for capital growth. Anyone know the area and able to suggest which bits might be best to invest in? cheers,
  3. R&R are big supporters of investing in city centre flats for their potential for capital growth. However I've read elsewhere that houses do better generally for capital growth. Anyone got any experience & wisdom on this? I am just starting out and have 4 flats already but wondered whether I should be going for houses as I am looking for capital growth.
  4. Just getting my first mortgage as a Ltd Company and the cost to take out the mortgage is 2% of the mortgage (£5k+ in my place + various others fees taking it to £6k). Pretty shocked by this but been advised it is pretty standard. Would be interested if other's could confirm this is before I pay so much money.
  5. Not so long ago Hub extra featured Rob's tips on travelling and flying in particular. Anyone know which episode it was? Cant seem to find it now I need it
  6. I've got a crazy idea to set up a property investment charity and wondered if such a thing exists (or can exist). Bascially set up a charity to invest in property and then give the proceeds (rental profit & refinance to withdraw capital growth) away to good causes and invite others to get involved by donating cash that we invest for a bigger return for good causes. Can a charity get BTL mortgages in the same way a company can? And would they be able to remortgage back up to 75% when the house value goes up? Interested in any advice in this area. thanks,
  7. I am trying to work out if Eccles is an up & coming area to invest in. Good links to Trafford Centre, Motorways and Salford Quays. Some nice (& pricey) new builds in area, but also lots of cheap terrace housing and a terrible town centre. Anyone with knowledge of this area? I have heard it has already seen a lot of price increases & wondered if it had lots more to come or had already become too expensive.
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