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  1. Thanks Scott I will give her a call. Thanks again. Sue
  2. I'm looking at my first buy to let at the end of the year and wondering if I should set up a limited company so as to minimise the recent tax changes that have been announced. I know there are pros and cons and finance might be limited through a limited company and being a first time landlord. I would like to speak to an accountant who specialises in property investment and wondered if anyone can recommend an accountant? I live in south London. Many thanks. Sue
  3. Hi Ben, Thanks for your reply. I see that you work for the company you recommended. I think we spoke on the phone when I called Commercial Trust and I explained that my home was purchased through a shared ownership scheme and that I now own the property outright and you advised me that it would be difficult to get a buy to let (let to buy) on an ex shared ownership property. Does anyone else have experience of obtaining a buy to let on an ex shared ownership property? Many thanks. Sue
  4. Hi, I am looking to covert my home as a buy to let and at the same time raise a residential mortgage to buy another property to live in. Can anyone recommend a mortgage broker? I live in London. This will be my first property venture and I am also wondering if I should set up a limited company to avoid the recent tax changes that were announced in the budget, would an accountant be the best person to speak to re pros and cons of putting a buy to let through a company? Sue
  5. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I am at the age where I can withdraw my pension and have already taken out a 25% tax free lump sum. I contacted my original financial advisor and he said I would need to speak to a tax advisor on on the tax implications. I am just trying to confirm whether or not I will have to pay 40% tax on any further drawdown. My salary puts me into 40% tax bracket (just) so I just wanted to confirm, otherwise I may decide to leave my pension intact and think about raising deposit another way. Sue
  6. Hello, I am thinking of asking my brother-in-law if he would be interested in a joint venture in a buy to sell property. I live in London and currently in the process of buying the remaining share of my shared ownership flat. Once I own the property and I have held my new mortgage for six months I am thinking of applying for a buy to let property and renting my flat. I am then thinking of buying a property in Eastbourne where my brother in law lives. I am looking to buy a property that needs work and I would also live in the property. My brother in law is a builder and my plan is that we
  7. Hi, I am a newbie to property investment but very keen to get started. I've been listening to Rob and Rob's great property podcast which has really motivated me to get started. I live in London and I own a flat which is a shared ownership property and I am currently buying the remaining share so that I own the flat outright. Once I own the flat outright and I have held the new mortgage for six months which I understand is the minimum term, I then want to apply for a buy to let mortgage and rent out the flat and with the equity buy a cheaper property to live in which is slightly further ou
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