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  1. Hello, I should be completing on a 3 bed property in Norwich in about 5-6 weeks. I will be converting this in to a 4 bed HMO so won’t be needing a license. Would you recommend sticking to the restrictions(fire alarms, fire doors etc...) as if it was a licensed HMO just in case rules change in the future? Many thanks Scott
  2. Thanks Vicky, I do actually listen to the inside property investing podcast along with the property podcast and property geek podcast all extremely helpful! have you found out if there is a need for boutique house shares in Hull? Many thanks Scott p.s sorry for the late reply!
  3. Hi Rob That sounds like a good idea, will definitely do that. Thanks for you help! Scott
  4. Hi everyone, I plan on starting up a portfolio of HMO property's in Norwich over the next few years. I would like to go down the boutique HMO route but don't really know if this model would work in Norwich. I know this works in big cities like London and Manchester, just not sure about the smaller cities. Does anyone have any experience in boutique/high end house shares in smaller cities? Many thanks Scott
  5. Hi Mike, no I've never done a flip before but should be starting my first in the next few months. Yeah I've also heard it is a tough strategy, that's the only way I see me being able to move on to HMO's though! I am going to start up 2 ltd company's, 1 for flipping and 1 for buy to let and HMO's. That's the plan for now but I still need to speak to my mortgage broker/accountant. So how do you plan on getting started? Cheers
  6. Sorry for the late reply Jaco, I think I am going to take the Ltd company route. Am I right in saying that you can use the profits made from a flip in a ltd company for a buy to let and not pay dividend tax? Just corporation tax I'm guessing. Sorry if it's an obvious question, I'm new to the whole property tax thing!
  7. Hi, I am planning to flip a property in march this year, if successful I then plan on doing 1 or 2 more flips to raise some cash to then invest in buy to lets and HMO's. Is it best to flip properties through a Ltd company or as an individual? I am currently a lower rate tax payer. Many thanks!
  8. Hi, i am planning on making my first investment in March/April this year. I have a strategy in mind but just need some tax advice before I get started. Does anyone have any recommendations for a property tax advisor in Norwich, preferably with HMO experience. Many thanks
  9. Hi everyone, just looking for some advice on a strategy I'm looking to go ahead with this year. Also would like to know people's opinions on wether to go down the personal route or buy through a ltd company in my situation. So me and my dad have £50k saved to invest, we are both lower rate tax payers, my dad owns his own property that he lives in, I don't own my own property. We are both self employed. Our plan is to buy a run down property, flip it and make a profit. We plan on doing this 2 or 3 times depending on how much profit we make. We will then purchase a
  10. Thanks Alexander, yes it sounds like owning your own property to begin with is the way to go to. Im now thinking my strategy would be to buy a run down property bmv and renovate whilst living there, remortgage after the renovation is complete and use the cash for a deposit on a buy to let investment property. Obviously a lot harder than it sounds but does this rough strategy sound possible? Thanks Scott
  11. Thanks for your reply Stuart! yes im currently studying in Sydney but moving back to England next year to hopefully invest. Would it be easier to get a bridging loan rather than a buy to let? Im thinking if ive shown that ive got experience in flipping properties it would then make me more mortgageable for a buy to let?
  12. hi! I'm just looking for a bit of advice on first time buyers investing in property. I can imagine it will be a lot harder for a first time buyer to get accepted for bridging or buy to let finance, but if there's any mortgage brokers (or anyone who has applied for investment mortgages being a time buyer) that could give me some advice on this topic i would be very grateful. Many thanks Scott
  13. Sounds good Justin, it might have to be mid August if that's ok with you, as I'm currently working 7 days a week then going back to England for a holiday, but would definitely be up for a beer around that time!
  14. Hi I'm heading back to England next year to start my first project, I'm currently studying in Sydney and want to do some face to face networking. If anybody is in Sydney at any point and wants to join me for a beer and a chat about property just give me a message!
  15. Hi everyone I'm just looking for some advice on mortgages and how hard it will be for me in my situation to obtain one. I am currently studying business admin in Sydney Australia and am looking to make my first investment when I head back home early next year. I am currently doing lots of research and plan to carry on until I invest. I have a job lined up for when I get back to England, but I'm guessing I will have to work for 12 months or more until I can apply for a mortgage? So basically the plan is to start off with a buy to sell which I will joint venture with my dad, after this depen
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