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  1. Any update with how you are getting on? I too am starting to look to invest in Glasgow and was thinking of either buying an HMO or using the strategy of buying, refurbishing then refinancing. Have you been finding this easy to do? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have two questions regarding buildings insurance that i would be grateful if you could answer. I am currently renting out my flat (unfurnished), I contacted the factors regarding this and they told me that i do not need to notify the building insurance provider regarding this and stated that I should take out additional landlord insurance. I was under the impression that both buildings and landlord insurance were both very similar and you only need one, is this correct? I am not worried about contents insurance. I also asked the factors, if i could change insurance provider. I am currently paying £300 per year building insurance and believe I could get a better deal elsewhere, they stated that i would need to get everyone else in the block of flats to agree to change the building insurance provider before i could change this. Does this normally happen / does this sound correct? Appreciate your help
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