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  1. Could I please get sent a copy? Thanks laurie_oxford@hotmail.co.uk Laurie
  2. Hi, What are people's opinions on the student HMO market in a post COVID-19 world? Do people expect demand to fall for the next few years before Universities are back up and running normally? Is it risky to be looking for these sort of opportunities at the minute? Thanks Laurie
  3. Thank you for the reply! I will just need to find a good mortgage adviser who can assist finding a lender that allow a concessionary purchase for a Limited Company.
  4. My Father recently passed away and has left his 6 BTL properties to my Mum. Some of these are unencumbered and others have high interest rates. We would like to transfer these to mine and my Brother's company and pay my Mum a wage from the rent. With the obvious cost of CGT and Stamp Duty will we have to purchase the properties? If so can she 'gift' us the deposit without physically transferring us the money i.e. buying the property at a 25% discount? I'm on the waiting list for Property Hub Tax but if anyone has some useful advise I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks Laurie
  5. Hi, I have Inherited a one bed property on a prime plot of land (valued at c.600k). There is potential to redevelop into a 5 bed property by either knocking down and starting from scratch or use the existing shell of the current property. What I'm not sure about is whether it would be better to make it into a 5 bed or 4 bed. I'd like to know how I can find out what the demand is for either and whether it's worth investing a bit more turning it into a 5 bed rather than 4. For context, the property next door was redeveloped a few years ago and is a 4 bed which has been valued at
  6. Hi, I was hoping to start a thread where people could give a list good examples of 'Keywords' used when trying to find a property which needs some work doing i.e. rundown. when trying to source a property to Buy, Refurbish, Refinance. Any suggestion please comment Thanks
  7. The building is only 10 years old. I've decided to pull out, the vendor was getting pushy and trying to rush completion. Luckily I hadn't exchanged so although I was around £2k in fees it could have potentially been a lot worse. I'm using this as a learning experience!
  8. Hi, I was hoping someone could provide me with some advise . I am in the process of buying a BTL property in Liverpool City Centre and have been presented with an issue from my Solicitor and so far yet to hear back from them with their suggestion on how to proceed. The Seller’s solicitors are unable to provide evidence of compliance with the original Planning Permission for the construction of the development together with a specific Building Regulation Completion Certificate for the plot. Instead they are willing to provide a Block Lack of Planning and Building Regulation Indemnit
  9. Hi, I'm starting to look at a number of different cities to build my property portfolio this year. I've got one in the pipeline in Liverpool and starting to research where next. I like the look of Sheffield and planning a trip up in the spring to have a look round. I live in London and I would love someone who has a bit of local knowledge to provide me with a bit of advise on particular areas to look. I'm concentrating in the city centre and have a budget of £100k. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Laurie
  10. Hi All, I've always been interested in the property market and have recently moved back to London from Dubai. I'm in a position where I have a £50k deposit and would like to make my first investment. I'm interested in Leeds. I was just hoping to get some advise on which specific area I should be looking at. I would preferably like to invest in an area which is popular with young professionals. I'm planning a trip to Leeds next month and have started doing some research. Could anyone who's had experience in the Leeds market give me any advise? A
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