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  1. Im looking at trying to buy my mums flat off her. She wants to sell it and to move into rented accommodation and live off her equity and pension. Im wondering if she could sell it to me 25% below market value, so I wouldn’t need a deposit. I believe its called a gifted deposit. I thought this could be a win win situation, as I wouldn’t need to stump up the cash and I could offer my mum 50% of any further increase in equity until she wants the money. So what I would like to know is Would my mum be able to give a gifted deposit for a buy to let mortgage, to a limi
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there are any property accumulation spreadsheets out there? I'm currently looking into trying to free up some equity from my residential property to use as deposits for some buy to lets. I wanted a spread sheet that would enable me to formulate a plan and a timescale to then help me buy more, as well as be able to show my wife, so I can explain the technique to her properly. Thanks in advance, Dan
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