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  1. Please can someone help me, I remember listening to a Property hub podcast in the last 18 months, the hub extra resource at the end was a brilliant website where you could search for free online courses and there were some great ones from top universities. I shared it with my colleagues at the time but now we can’t find it and I can’t remember what episode it was on, can anyone help? Thanks
  2. I am hopefully going to be very lucky that in my first property both tenants are employed by the Local Authority and in my second property the tenant who is the main breadwinner works for a small business that is not immediately at risk. But people are still very scared and may have concerns we are not aware of and may not have a good understanding of the situation. I know that my young couple who are both employed by the local authority have been having lots of arguments this week (they told my friend) because he is having to go to work and do more hours and they are worried that he is going
  3. Hi, I am slowly refurbishing my first property a 3 bed split level terrace and I have been putting off adding up all the costs! Stupid I know but I have a folder with lots of receipts and I want to get organised and work out exactly how much I have spent so far. How do you do it? Do you use a spreadsheet? If so how complicated is it? Or maybe an app? Please tell me what works for you. Thanks, Helen
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