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  1. Hello, First time posting - hoping somebody can please help We've just had the searches back on a terraced property we're buying, and the environmental searches have come back with moderate Groundwater flooding risk and significant surface water flooding risk... See attached map showing the site in the red box. The risk of flooding seems to be in the back garden. My husband and I are unsure of whether to take the leap or not - is this something we walk away from? Any tips on what we should consider or who to consult for further advice? Thank you!
  2. I own a property 1 min away from a crossrail station. An estate agent told me that the property market will have a dip in crossrail areas once the line is up and running; apparently the property market will be flooded with sellers trying to sell to make a ROI. Is this true, or estate agent waffle to get us to sell now?
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