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    I'm a Project Manager in the construction industry who's interested in the property sector and itching to learn more.
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    BTL, re-furbs
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    Construction knowledge from working in the industry for 6+ years & counting, diverse range of construction skills & experience from buildings, infrastructure to utilities.
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    Short term goal to invest in my first property, and to grow a solid portfolio of properties step by step. Determine my strategy and make it work.
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    Construction, Exercise, sports, reading books to learn about Money Management & 'wellness'.
  1. @dino v Thanks for your advice. I do want to live in London, at least for another couple of years before moving to another European city for a short stint with the intention of returning to the property I will hopefully own before I leave. I guess my reservations are about the Government Help to Buy Equity loan scheme and weather it will limit my progress to pull equity from the property in the future, am I right in saying that the government also claim 40% of the capital growth? I'm also worried about 'missing the boat' in the north as 2019/2020 seems to be a great time to buy in the
  2. Hi All, I've been listening to alot of talk about the prospects of good capital growth in certain areas of the north, whereas London is stalling. I'm in a predicament in that I can only afford to invest in a BTL up North OR possibly a Help to Buy scheme in London, meaning I'd live in the property (hopefully buy a 2 bed & rent the 2nd room to help with repayments) but being tied to the property for a certain amount of years thereafter, but I'm not sure which would be the best option from a capital growth point of view & with a view of pulling equity from the property and buy
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