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  1. Hi all, I have a rental that currently has joint tenants in who are friends (not a couple, if that matters) One of which has handed their notice in and has asked for their name to be removed from the tenancy on the date when they leave. I don’t have a problem with this, but do I need to reissue a fresh tenancy agreement with the sole tenant, or can the rolling contract continue? Any advice is much appreciated Regards Ross
  2. Hi All I've started receiving rent from may first BTL and I'm aware that I'll need to submit a tax return and declare the income. I didn't spend anything on the property before letting it out other than the usual purchase fees, servicing the boiler, and installing a carbon monoxide alarm. It's a 2 bed maisonette that's unfurnished so with that being the case would there be anything I could claim back from the tax I'll have to pay? Theres nothing I'm aware of but I may be wrong? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all After a few refurbs / flips I'm finally buying my first btl. I just wondered if anyone had a checklist or a list of 'essentials' or 'better to haves' to check off that would be wise to have in place before getting a tenant in. For example; Landlord insurance Tenancy agreement / contract Maintenance agreement (with a plumber / electrician for emergencies etc) etc I've got a good idea of what I need but if someone comes up with that one thing I haven't thought of or just some relevant advice in general it could save me a l
  4. Hi all I've bought my second refurb property which will be completing next week. I'm planning to knock through a load bearing wall and create a large kitchen diner. I know I need a structural engineer to give me the calcs for the steel etc but can anyone advise me on what I should be looking for when contacting a structural engineer? Is there some regulatory body they should be a member of or anything like that? The last thing I want is for it to be signed off as all good then have problems later down the line. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Ross
  5. Hi andybds By coincidence I read that exact same article yesterday, Just what I was looking for, thanks. Hi Chris That sounds like the way to go, I'll definitely be looking into that a bit more, It can only help. Thanks for the suggestion. Ross
  6. Hi jerome, I was mainly looking for a bit of a list of essentials that I'll need in order to rent out a property, I'll be finding properties myself and managing them to begin with, but thanks for the suggestion, it's an option worth thinking about. Hi Neli I wasn't aware of the 30 day time frame so that's definitely going on the list, thanks for the advice. Ross
  7. Hi silv, No I haven't prepared for that, I will be managing myself and probably finding the tenants through an agent. Do you have any advice on finding tenants myself? Ross
  8. Hi Percy That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, gives me a good idea of some of things I need to be thinking about, pat testing etc. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Ross
  9. Hi everyone I'm going to be investing in my first buy to let (possibly 2) soon which I'll be managing myself to begin with, I wondered if anyone had any advice for me before I dive In the deep end. I'm aware that I'll need landlord insurance and a tenants contract for when I actually get a tenant in, but I want to get a bit of a checklist together of everything I need in place before hand. Everything from insurance to maintenance etc so I can do some planning and costing so I don't get stung with something I haven't accounted for further down the line. As always any advice is much appreciat
  10. Thanks for the advice, All sorted now, lesson learned!
  11. Hi everyone I've recently accepted an offer on my first refurbished property, I've had the paperwork from the solicitors asking about any work that's been done on the property. My main concerns are the boiler and the roof, the boiler was installed by a corgi registered plumber that I knew who did the job on a weekend and not through the company he worked for. The problem is I didn't get a certificate at the time (5 years ago) and the solicitors paperwork is asking for the details of the certificate and the plumber who I've lost contact with. I've already told the buyer that we installed a new
  12. Hi Angela I'm no expert by any means but the property sounds very similar to a refurbishment that I did. My advice would be to make sure you have a good look inside and factor in a contingency for any work that needs to be done. For me, what looked like simple cosmetic work opened up a few cans of worms that were pretty much impossible to spot until work had started. If you were to have deadlines to hit to get tenants in, hold ups could be costly. All the best, hope it all goes well for you'
  13. Thanks Rob, I've learnt some harsh lessons along the way but it's all experience gained!
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