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  1. Hi Steve, Although your post is 4 years old, I've just noticed you were looking to invest in a similar area to me. I was just wondering how you got on and if you still invest in Sandwell. I had one investment which I purchased 4 years ago, but since raising the capital for another purchase I've struggled to finalise a deal. I'm finding the market way to competitive lately and think the prices are unsustainable. What are your thoughts? Jake
  2. I read this article by Which the other day which confirms my feelings about the local property market over the past couple of years. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2020/02/how-have-house-prices-changed-in-your-area-since-the-brexit-referendum/ I've found the market really competitive and have been outbid on more deals than I care to remember. I usually invest in Sandwell, which has seen a 20% rise on it's average house price since the referendum. I feel the current level of both sale and rental prices are unsustainable in the local area, which would mean we are at a different point in the property cycle. What does everyone else think? Is there a way to prove my theory?
  3. Hi, I've just bought my first BTL and whilst I'm waiting for everything to go through I thought I'd get my record keeping strategy sorted. I was thinking of setting up a seperate bank account and then using a spreadsheet to log everything. I love spreadsheets and would like to make a fancy one with lots of macros that does all sorts of clever reports, making tax returns and cash flow predictions very easy. However, I need some inspiration to get me started. Does anyone have a template they wouldn't mind sharing? Or does anyone know exactly what things this spreadsheet needs to record and do? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm looking to buy my first buy to let investment, but already I have a perspective tenant. However, I'm not sure if this Is a good thing or a bad thing. The perspective tenant is my sister and her boyfriend. Whilst I have no doubt she can afford the rent and bills of the property I'm looking at, I'm worried about doing business with family. Would it be better to go through an estate gent and pay their fees? Could I get a contract drawn up by a solicited? Has anyone else had the same problem? What would you do?
  5. Hi, I'm Jake and I live in Wednesbury, near Birmingham. I've always been interested in property but never quite new how to get into it. I'm 26 and currently only own my own house, which I bought when I was 21. I've managed to add £35,000 of equity to my house through renovation and improvements, which I'd like to use as a deposit for my first buy to let venture. I'm looking to start my portfolio this time next year as I'd like to save a little more money first and gain a lot more knowledge from this forum and the superb podcasts from Rob & Rob. Any tips for a newbie would be appreciated, especially things to know before you start.
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