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  1. Thanks all, certainly plenty to look at. I need to catch up with my business partner and I'll be in touch Lee
  2. Thanks both. decided not to go for this one. but really appreciate your help
  3. Hi, just obtained a legal pack from auctioneer on a property that was not sold at auction and is now in open market. In the legal pack was a valution report done for Aldermore, The valuer has deemed the property unmortgageable due to the proximity of a pub. (Its over the road) Surely, there are thousands of properties over the road from pubs/nightclubs etc that have mortgages on them. Can anyone fill in the blanks for me please? Is aldermore unique in this, or am i just best to 'let it go'? many thanks Lee
  4. hi, if your email address is bob123@gmail.com you could simply add a plus sign and anything after that to make a unique address. eg. bob123+thepropertyhub@gmail.com or bob123+tesco@gmail.com hope that helps Lee
  5. I thought 'The Staircase' was a brilliant documentary. Full of eye opening legal procedures in the US. amazing fly on the wall coverage
  6. Thanks John, Do you have a website i could take a look at please? lee
  7. Thanks Richard. Do you have a website I could take a look at please? Lee
  8. Hi All, I want to arrange leverage on a BTL currently at 47.5% LTV, out of deal this month, but I dont have a decent broker with all the know-how and whole market. Im in the ST postcode and would appreciate good reccommendations, Im keen to build a relationship with them for our accelerated plans (been idle for 3 years) Many Thanks Lee
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