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    Purchasing houses that have been converted to flats, or purchasing houses where a conversion can be undertaken.
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    Analysing what strategy would make a property investment stack up.
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  1. Hi, Creating a strategy needs to be a thought fuelled process and its definitely a good idea to be certain about the approach you want to take before moving forward. With regards to an advisor / mentor I would recommend you to speak to Richard Brown. He is an extremely experienced investor with a wealth of knowledge. His website is: http://www.thepropertyvoice.net/ Best Regards Sundeep
  2. Hi Mark, I can personally recommend Richard Brown. He has a wealth of experience and offers various mentoring packages. His website is http://www.thepropertyvoice.net/
  3. Hi Anth, I would recommend getting in touch with Richard Brown. He is one of the most active members on the hub and has a wealth of experience. See below http://www.thepropertyvoice.net/mentoring/
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable builder in Northampton who can do an internal refurbishment? House needs plastering, new carpets and painting, boiler change and possibly rewiring also. thanks Sundeep
  5. Hi Jon, Good to have you on the hub. I was actually looking to find a roofer to do an inspection on a rental property of mine. When I bought it two years ago, the lady I bought it from mentioned the roof was the first thing she would change. But my builder looked at it and said it was absolutely fine. Two years on, it would be good to have an internal and external inspection of the roof to make sure all is still well. Please could you send me a message with your contact details so we can have a chat. Thanks Sundeep
  6. Hi Tony, It depends on what you want to achieve. If you are looking to flip properties, then buying in a company can offer more benefits with regards to tax savings. However the downside is it is far more difficult arranging finance if buying through a company and usually lenders will offer much lower LTVs. If you are looking to purchase as a BTL then it is usually more practical to purchase as an individual Sundeep
  7. Hi Alan, Have a listen to episode 33 'How to win with Off Plan Property'. That should help answer most of your questions and give you a good overview. Sundeep
  8. Hi Dhiren, I went on Mark I'anson's course and can honestly say it was fantastic and completely value for money unlike some other courses I have been on. I've heard his Dominate Your Ground Book has a lot of great information as well and it is one of the books I may soon purchase, after Beyond the Bricks ofcourse! After going on Mark's course I have designed my flyer as well as sourced a printer. I have just recently received my first batch of leaflets and will be looking to distribute them this weekend hopefully. Although I am just starting out with regards to leafleting, feel free
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. My house is mortgage free at present. I am only looking to release 75k as mentioned (which is only 25% of the equity). I do not plan to release further equity in the future. I am purely releasing funds in order to raise finance to start building my portfolio as currently I only have one BTL. With regards to the mortgage I am only releasing a conservative amount in order to be able to manage the repayments comfortably. Furthermore it will be a repayment mortgage that I take out as it is the house that I am living in as so would not want to do interest only. The e
  10. Hi everyone, I am looking to release some equity from my existing home in order to purchase some BTL properties. My current home is worth approx 300K and I am looking to withdraw 75K. In terms of remortgage rates my broker has found me 2 good quotes. 1) Woolwich 5 year fixed rate of 2.95% with a £999 application fee (can be added to the loan) 2) Woolwich 10 year fixed rate of 3.89% with a £1499 application fee (can be added to the loan) I am leaning towards the 10 year rate, but just wanted to get some opinions from other members on which mortgage product they would choose bet
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