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  1. Thank for creating this thread Abby! For anyone interested, and not local enough to an official meet-up, then even if you're only available to make the occasional trip to Alwalton (nr. P'boro), then it would be great to meet and see you all! We've had people attending from various areas of East Anglia, as well as others from Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and have a varied mix of experience with everyone having their own story of how they're interested in a property 'journey'. Chris
  2. Also, I've put the idea to the hub admins about either stripping out all old posts from here, or we create a new '2018' thread and close off this current one and reference that in order to clear out all the old stuff and start afresh....
  3. Hi all, Only a week to go until our attempt at having an 'official' hub meet-up! The Cuckoo in Alwalton (near the A1) is the venue and probably look for a 19:00 start if that suits? Comments above show potential attendees as follows, but hoping there will be people coming along who may not have confirmed here, or of those coming if you've spread the word then that would be great! @barry man @holly edge @jo driver @razzoul @jane parsons @barny2015 Looking forward to seeing you all there, even if only a small group of us, will be a starting point for us to build on for March! Chris (@barny2015)
  4. Happy New Year to everyone! It's now been a month since the post to confirm a hopeful 'Go-Live' of 1st Feb but only 2 replies so still pretty limited on numbers so was interested to see who may be available? Due to work commitments, if I was to look at the option of travelling to another hub meeting then I will need to confirm this in the next 3 weeks rather than leaving it to the week of the hub, but I need to give the venue a reasonable 2 weeks notice if we're not requiring the room so considering we have had previous occasions where we've had the room booked and cancelled last minute or where only myself and Barry attended on the previous occasion, I need to ensure we can keep their trust going forward but part of that is down to us guys here in the forum getting the numbers to make it work. Looking forward to hearing anyone's thoughts or ideas about this.
  5. Hi Jo, Great to hear back from you and apologies for the delay. I've heard of PetPig but never really looked into it too much as website always showing 2015 info, plus when attempting to sign up for the 'free' membership, it would continuously pull through the full member for £100+ with no way of skipping this! A Peterborough / Cambridge formal meet-up is something that has been a bit of struggle with getting up and running so far and I was looking to have one big push for it going into the new year with Barry and Holly's help. At various points over the last year we've had some 'informal' meet-ups but always had different people attend so hoping that at some stage it will work out to be able to get all the different attendees together at the same point. We were originally planning for a Jan start but the venue has an event that evening so had to push back for a start in Feb so fingers crossed we can drum up some more support and boost the figures. Would be great to see you there so hopefully we can see some more activity in here to help set us on our way!
  6. Hello all, So...with most thinking 'Only 3 weeks until Christmas Day', there is another date we need to remember, and that is only 8 and a bit weeks until the first Thursday of the month! For us in the Peterborough and Cambridge area, on Thursday 1st February, we are looking to hold our first 'official' Property Hub meet-up. We've had a number of previous meetings and have had a variety of people attend at different times but as yet, not everyone at the same time, so we're really making a push to try to get the word out and make our first meet-up a success, so please let us know your availability and help get us added to the Property Hub map! We meet at The Cuckoo in Alwalton, located just off the A1. Looking forward to seeing as many faces, both old and new, on that evening but if you have any questions please get in contact. Chris (aka Barny2015)
  7. @apollo...as per my update, use the forum search option. This may explain why in nearly 3 days no-one else has replied, you need to do a little work yourselves and not just expect everyone to immediately give you an answer that is easily available I just typed 'Spreadsheet' into the Forum search and it came up with 6+ pages of threads containing 'Spreadsheet' and having had a quick look, I found 3 decent spreadsheet on the first page alone. This took me all of 5 minutes. Happy searching
  8. Funnily enough I came across the 1977 rent act myself afew days ago, clearly not read it all but having skimmed through several areas but there were some than made me be glad some things have changed! Direct link for info: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1977/42/contents
  9. Hi John, If you run a search in the forum search above, this will bring up pages of posts linked to spreadsheet requests, links to spreadsheets or attached spreadsheets available for download, of which I expect there will be many that are of interest to you and will show you a variety of different options.
  10. I've spoken to the venue and they've confirmed we can use the side 'snug' area and will be available for us from 18:30 but I'll be looking to arrive just before 19:00. Have a great weekend and hopefully see as many of you as possible on Monday!
  11. Hi all, Just a reminder of trying to spread the word for a meet-up next week. Looking above, we have 5 with a yes, 2 with a possible and 1 no so would be good to try to spread the word a little and hit double figures!
  12. Hi Dil, Peterborough has the selective licensing in place for certain areas. I have an agent so only paid the £50 for them but as you say, you can look to do the exams yourself in order to qualify but I haven't looked at these myself but I do know of a young lady who has mentioned she was looking into it so rather than name her and possibly have her spammed for info, I'll send her a message to get in contact if she has any information of use. Regards
  13. Hi all, It's been a little while since we've had an update, but to keep you all in the loop, we're looking to arrange a couple more 'informal' meet-ups on days that suit us before planning to start meeting on a monthly basis, as per the official meet-ups on the first Thursday of each month. A date that appears to look good for several of us at present is Monday 25th September so at this point, just under 4 weeks away and unless the venue can't host us, we'll be looking to go to The Cuckoo in Alwalton, Peterborough at 19:00. The Cuckoo is located near the A1 so convenient for anyone coming down the A1, like myself via the A14 from Cambridge or many of the link roads, A47, A15, A16 or A605. I've been in contact with a number of you about our plans so hope to see as many of you as possible, along with some other Cambridge / Peterborough / East Anglia based people. Also, please remember this isn't restricted to purely Property Hub members but any friends, family, colleagues, etc who you know may be interested. If you have any questions which you don't want to post directly on here, please feel free to get in touch direct. Looking forward to seeing as many as possible! Tagged the following as we've been in contact in some way regarding a meetup! @holly edge @barry man @ryan cook @harry jarvis @peter wisniewski @razzoul @dawid m @conor morris @alice clayton @Onge @schwarzennegger
  14. Yes, I can see your point regarding noise and smells but I guess that comes down to the area and licensing rules. As an example, the outlets near the flat I looked at had trading licences which were quite well structured and weren't too disrupting for the residential area, I can't remember exactly but it was something like 07:00 to 10:00, 12:00 to 14:00, 16:00 to 18:00 for the cafe and the other 3 outlets being a pizzeria, chinese and indian takeaways which operated between 17:30 and 22:30 but they all had varied nights for when they were open, ie, all on a fri and sat, pizza closed sunday, chinese closed monday, all closed tuesday. etc so nothing there to seriously put off potential buyers. From the mortgage side, the surveyors I spoke to said that I'd have to pay the survey fee and then they will have to survey each outlet individually to see fire procedures, location of cookers, fire sources, ventilation, bins, etc, etc so was quite an in depth procedure that they'd be carrying out which does make sense but as a BTL purchase I decided against it
  15. When it comes to slightly 'out of the norm' requests, whether it be financial or property related, as per Kirsteen's update BM Solutions have more often that not been the one lender who are able to help so certainly worth having a chat with them.
  16. Hi Ian, You're certainly in the right place for advice, so would suggest you look through the forums for 'funding' or 'financing' using the search option as my first thought without actually looking myself. Do you have any form of deposit / savings that you would have to put towards the investment yourself or are you looking to fun the majority through an alternative option? Do you currently own any other properties whether it be residential or BTLs?
  17. Last year I tried to purchase a flat above some commercial properties. The commercial properties being 4 food outlets and a newsagents. The flat I wanted was directly above the newsagents but when speaking to lenders about mortgage options, they said the commercial properties would be viewed as a collective with the food outlets being in dominance and so it would need to have certain levels of mortgage valuation, surveys carried out on the commercial properties, etc before anyone would even give a 'possible' yes or no. Due to the hassle I decided against it, although recently I spoke to the agents selling that property and they said following my interest, they have since had 3 purchases fall through because potential buyers are really struggling to get a mortgage and it is now being advertised as cash buyers only. Gutted really as it had amazing potential!
  18. "Currently selling", so does that mean the £50k is equity from your sale? That may change some of your options as many lenders will only lend to people with a residential property so that is something to look into for sure in order to clarify.
  19. Hi Zhakir, My first thought is you have 2 'basic' options depending on what your long term plans are. 1) Put all the money towards 1 property that is likely to have a good capital increase so in the short term you'd have a steady monthly rental income but long term you will benefit from a decent capital increase 2) Invest in 2 / 3 properties which will give you a decent combined monthly rent, use this money to save up and reinvest every couple of years or use the profit for a nice lifestyle. I'd personally look at option 2 but to spread £50k over multiple properties will limit you to certain areas and don't stretch yourself too much, as in don't use £45k as deposits leaving only £5k for fees, etc as that won;t cover it, plus if any of the properties have unforeseen issues which only become apparent in your ownership, you could then be struggling to cover the cost without dipping into your own account / credit card! Looking forward to hear / see how you progress!
  20. Already some interesting articles on Facebook, so looking forward to seeing more. Great work guys (and girls!)
  21. Hi Norman Firstly welcome to the hub! And second....from none to 4 in the matter of weeks!? Wow, that is quite a jump! Are the 4 properties all in the same development / area or spread out and just coincidence completion is occurring in the same period? Interesting to know what kind of properties they are, new build, renovation projects, etc. I'm guessing the answer to this could show what your stress levels are likely to be!
  22. Hi Ian, Welcome to the forum. You're certainly in the right place to expand your knowledge, although if you've already been involved in renovating properties then you're already a step ahead of some if already involved in renovation and seeing properties being flipped. What industry are you in or do you help with the renovation as a sideline? What kind of area do you think you'd be looking at? Once again, welcome aboard, looking forward to hearing more
  23. Hi Dalvinder, Firstly, welcome to the hub, you're certainly in the right place to get information and look at what others have done who're in the same position as yourself! Initially it would be good to have some more info as to your position and then people can advise accordingly. Without being too nosey and prying into exact figures, what is your financial position? By this I mean things such as: Do you own your own residential property, rent or live with parents? Are you employed, Self-Employed? Do you have a deposit available as this will determine the approximate price range you're looking at? Do you have a particular area in mind, local to yourself or further afield? Freehold or Leasehold? Depending on the answer above, are you looking to manage the property yourself or through a letting agent? I have many other questions but these are probably a good starting point for now! in addition to having a browse through the forum, certainly worth checking out the journal pages to see how people started with their portfolios, or those who are starting from scratch, you can read the process they've gone through to achieve their goals. Also, something which I'm sure you'll see multiple times, is to have a listen to the podcasts, these are regular, very informative sessions by the Rob's covering a wonderfully varied array of anything property! Looking forward to hearing more!
  24. If the property is going to be vacant then I'd say hold off from getting the Gas Safety until maybe a week prior to the new tenants going in, but as mentioned above, definitely get some form of boiler service at the same time just to be 100% there are no underlying issues that might come back to haunt you at a later date. After all, better to have a non working or boiler under repair while vacant! Also, and I've not had a full search of Google, I believe Gas Safety Certificates are transferable between the previous owner to you, so obviously if it was carried out quite recently, you could hold off and not renew until the time it's required. Personally though, I'd want to get one done myself so know I'm starting afresh and all is ok from x date.
  25. Hello all, Thankfully the boiler was repaired where needed and hopefully increased it's life for atleast 2 years so can address at that time as to what the best option is! Therefore all ready again for the tenants and they're back and happy! From point of offer to now, that feels like the longest 6.5 months ever! @barry man Thanks for getting in contact to see about making it more of a formal meeting location. As we said the other night, pretty sure more would come along if we had that status and able to spread the word. Also, I'll be in touch soon regarding properties. I'll have a look through to see what there is in the area and see what jumps out. @holly edge Good luck with the exchange! With regards to the leak, if they do it themselves, make sure it's a proper job and not just patched up and could resurface later in the year when the wet and cold weather returns! Catch up with you all soon!
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