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  1. Good evening, After reading here and get more advises and recommendation from Mr. RICHARD BROWN (The property voice), finally i am moving from the south to Preston (this is the closest to Manchester i got a job!) As soon as i move there i would like to purchase our first home (Misus is fuzzy ,she want a house instead of flat!) and the earliest possible to buy a buy to let in Preston or Manchester. We have a saving of 25k. Advise and suggestion will be helpful. Thank you
  2. Hello Sanita, Greater Manchester, Hull, etc there are properties for £30,000- I am a new bie, just learning about ROI etc..so don't know worth buying it!
  3. Hello Hubber Living and having a job in expensive area Cambridgshire, the mortgage i can get is 160k by this i can only find a three bedroom flats an hour drive away from my work place,even if get that ,having a lodger ,travelling etc doesn't make any useful! So, thought better to start up getting a flat with current saving, moving to that place,later save and buy BTL. Could you pls suggest me some areas where i can buy my first Home for £30,000? Thank's
  4. Hello , Me to living in Cambridge area,nice to see fellow mind people here.
  5. Good evening Any body there from Cambridge ,Uk here? can we start a meet up here?
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