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  1. Thanks Paul, That's certainly what made me think of Dundee. I haven't done any investing away from home (Ayrshire) yet, but Dundee is definitely on the hit list.
  2. I've been wondering about Dundee as well. It seems to be the focal point for the games & coding sector along with a well established bio research sector. I haven't done any significant research on it, but it's looking like it's got more opportunity for growth than Edinburgh which already has high prices.
  3. For a general area, I mark out the zone on rightmove (where you can customise the search map) then select rent (including let agreed). If you end up identifying a specifc property that you are interested in purchasing, then contact a few of the local letting agents and ask them what they think they can get. Don't just rely upon one letting agent. I don't have any specific recommendations for letting agents in Kirkcaldy.
  4. Hi Usman, Both the Southside & West End are both really solid bets as I think rentable properties there will be in demand for many years. I think there is more growth potential in the East End, but I too don't know it well enough (yet) to be confident in purchasing.
  5. Hi Kingsley, I agree with you about Aberdeen. I lived there for several years and have been back on&off for various contracts. The city as a whole is too dependent upon the Oil & Gas. At least with the other cities, Dundee, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, etcetera they aren't tied directly to one specific industry. This means that when one industry takes a downturn (as they all do) the shock isn't felt as hard as Aberdeen did when the O&G went downhill. Having had experience of Aberdeen, I look at places with a diverse economy.
  6. Hi Craig, I had thought about Kirkcaldy a bit because I stayed there many years ago, 1999. But I ruled it out as I didn't think that commuter links to Edinburgh were that good. Maybe my memory is out of date. Is it much better? At the moment, I'm going to stick at home (Ayrshire) and do some flips here are that way I can do some of the work. Cheers, C.
  7. Aye, me too (on all your points). When looking through the past posts on the Scotland file they seem to be a bit sporadic where there isn't the same level of interaction. Not many posts and very few replies. I had hoped to stimulate discussion on this front, but not much has happened. I did also post the same material on the Scottish Property Investment Network (SPIN) facebook page and got a lot of people telling me where to invest or approaching me to invest in their projects. But not much in the way of talking about large infrastructure developments or why certain areas would be co
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply. I thought I'd turned notifications on. Thanks for the offer Richard.
  9. Hi Folks, I'm looking to start investing in property, and (like everybody else) am looking for the up-and-coming towns & cities. Where do you all think the growth areas in Scotland will be over the next few years. Will there be any major infrastructure projects that will change how the cities & towns relate to each other. For example the new Borders Railway opened up more towns to commuting in to Edinburgh. Of course Edinburgh keeps rocketing up, so it's a no-go as far as I'm concerned (not many £ in my pocket to start with). But where else is worth a gamble? Commuter
  10. Hi Folks, I'm looking for recommendations for a mortgage broker experienced in limited company BtL mortgages. I know that there are loads of online/remote/telephone companies that I could use, but for my first one (or more) I want somebody that I've actually met and can hold my hand whilst I'm taking my first steps. Any recommendations for Ayrshire or Glasgow would be much appreciated. Regards, Crawford
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