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  1. Much appreciated Derek, and I do recognise that risk. Due diligence is massively important from 4,500 miles away ... will keep any eye out for any less risky, hands-off deals. Thanks again, Ben
  2. Hi Derek, Did you get anything back on this comment? The numbers in Charles' message look very attractive for us international investors who require the hands-off approach ... but would need to verify the figures and the actual company. Thanks, Ben
  3. Hi Anton, Trust you're well. I'm also in Abu Dhabi and have similar questions/concerns are you. Let men know if you have progressed with any research/deals. Thanks. Cheers, Ben
  4. Good afternoon all, I am looking to sell a property in Bridgwater (Somerset). Has anyone dealt with a good estate agent in the Bridgwater / Taunton area. And on second thoughts, should we advertise the sale of a property on Rightmove / Zoopla or is it best to sell through a local agent? Any advice and all steps to consider would be much appreciated. Thank you. Kind regards, Ben
  5. Hi Kevin, Would you please share the details of the expat-specialist lenders. Thank you. Kind regards, Ben
  6. Hi Tincky, The most obvious pitfall that keeps me away from the crowd-funding route is the question marks around the exit strategy. If 20 or 30 people join the 'group' ... How do you get out of the investment if you feel the time is right? Is there a secondary market for these investments? How much do the agents pay themselves for setting up the investors? It's all still so new that I believe some regulations/investor protection needs to be put in place. Let me know your thoughts on those points. Best regards, Ben
  7. Thanks for these contact details Rebekah and StevoB ... Will start the connections. Kind regards, Ben
  8. Hi Rob and Richard, Thank you both for the very useful information. I am going to contact a few of the brokers who's details have been shared on other threads on this forum. The area is Nottingham and I have a couple of properties in mind. I have feeling that as a first time buyer, and being an expat, I will probably need to put down about a 40% deposit to get a half decent rate. Thanks again. Best, Ben
  9. Good evening, I am looking to buy a property in an area that I have done a lot of research on. Are there agents that would view the property and advise on what work needs to be done before it is in a good state to let out. I only get back to the UK once or twice a year and would like to buy the property before I next go back. Is this silly, should I wait, or are there agents that can do this over the phone/Skype/e-mail? Thank you. Ben
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