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  1. Thanks for the discount code for NRLA. I have one flat managed by an agent but my next property is much closer to home so I am going to try and self manage. I find the templates on this site useful. On joining they also issued me a discount code to share with other friends who might like to join, you can can £15 off if you use TXV-077. Share the savings with the landlord community!
  2. HI I have had an offer accepted and lined up a mortgage lender and a solicitor, however just before submitting the mortgage application the agent clarified the flat was not freehold but instead common hold. Now my solicitor has declined to take my case and I have since asked 6 more solicitors to quote all declining due to the common hold or they are not on the panel of the mortgage lender. The one solicitor I did find who would take the case is unfortunately appointed by the buyer so they cannot act on my behalf due to conflict of interest. I know common hold is unusual both my broker and agent are surprised by how difficult this has been. Does anyone in the Hub community have a recommendation? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice Rob H. I am just about to complete my Limited company accounts and was going to ask if sourcing fees were a revenue or capital cost expense.
  4. Hi Sion816 Thanks for your pointer. Every little helps to guide me in the right direction.
  5. Hi I am new to property investment and have been following PH for 2 months. Love the podcasts and free education that has been delivered by the two Robs and their team. Our strategy is to buy refurb and let out. I have been looking at terrace houses in Manchester 2 up 2 down but neither my husband or I have any building experience. Unfortunately we don't have any builder friends either We are finding it hard to estimate how much it would cost for a new kitchen and bathroom. As we are stuck in this conundrum and consequently finding it difficult to place offers in on properties that need modernisation. Aside from making money and quitting the rat race we would like our buy to lets to be nice modern homes for people. The idea of doing up a place aside of gaining value but just as importantly is to give the house a warm, modern and welcoming environment for the family that move in. Can anyone provide advise on what value we should put in our spreadsheet for a new bathroom and kitchen including materials and labour? Much appreciate any insight from the experienced investor who has done it in Manchester. We do live locally and will be attending the next Property Hub meet up - hoping to learn more from those who have walked this road. Many thanks
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