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  1. Hi Paul, first of all welcome to the forum! There are some genuinely great people on here so you're in good hands Here are a few pointers to help you kick start your journey. 1. I back Nicholas & Dino's advice on you needing to be 100% clear with your investment objectives. Is it income you want for example? If so, what does that figure look like and when would you like to get there? Being clear on your objectives will set you on the right path with your risk appetite, locations and the right property strategy for you. Do read up on the pros & cons of each (BTL vs HMOs, etc
  2. I'm surprised by the lack of interactions this post has received. Excellent post in my opinion. My question to you is @t clarke, have you got Rent Guarantee Insurance? If you're covered, give your insurer a ring. I also self-manage and yesterday night was informed by my tenant saying he's going to see his income reduced by his employer after this month. I'm thinking of lowering his rent for a period of up to May, potentially June. My personal dilemma is the following: 1. Reduce their rent to £585pcm during this period with no expectations of them paying the difference (rent is £735pcm
  3. Hi @rogerh, wondering how you've got on with this? I am thinking of doing something similar about converting my residential property into a BTL. Would be good to hear from you on how you managed this. Thanks, Rafael
  4. Hi Angela, I have messaged you privately. Thanks, Rafael
  5. Hi Ian, I am by no means an "experienced flipper" but I have recently attended some auctions with the hope of grabbing BMW deals and came out surprised. On most occasions buyers were paying the same (+ auction fees) for their lots, as other historically sold houses of the same type / in the same street, except their purchased property was in a much worse condition. Not the most logical in my opinion! Don't forget that despite the daunting economic forecasting headlines in the media, as of today, unemployment is extremely low and therefore there are currently lots of buyers out there
  6. Hi Helena, Any investment in yourself is always a good idea, especially if you weren't happy in the place you (unfortunately) spent a big portion of your time! In my opinion with property investment you wouldn't necessarily need to do a Masters in Real Estate to be a good property investor, but it sounds like you want to work in the industry so you will for sure be getting hold of some very valuable information and use this for your own ventures. My tips for you and your partner to get you both started in property investing is making sure your strategy is sorted and well define
  7. Welcome aboard Sacha. I'm one of those who thinks we're close to reaching that 3-consecutive GDP-quarter slowdown. The manufacturing & construction sectors (PMI data) have become quite bearish over the last 16 months or so and not to mention that the latest GDP figures shrunk for the first time since 2012... With that said, if you're investing in property with a long-term outlook, recessions shouldn't matter because of a few reasons: a) The UK has a house shortage issue - this will keep pressure on property prices, hence the long-term trend of property prices being on the up
  8. Good to meet you Lewis! How far ahead in your search are you? Have you done any viewings, got any mortgage in principle documents sorted? (After a lot of time hiding behind spreadsheets, I'm making my first viewing this afternoon!) Raf
  9. Hi Hubbers, First post on here so please go easy on me I'm 27 (no major commitments) and have £30k to start building a portfolio of rental properties... I'm currently looking to buy my first BTL property around Leicester / Wolverhampton, so thought it would be great to hear everyone's opinion on sourcing good yield properties (+8%). I'm not too worried on what type of property / location, etc. as long as it's not HMOs (I want to keep risks relatively low and be hands-off where possible). Additionally, if anyone's got any particular experience with great property lawyers and le
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