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  1. Happy New Year! Foundation Home Loans requires "borrowers’ solicitors to act on our behalf (as well as the borrowers) for both individual applications and limited company applications provided the following criteria can be met: 1. Registered on the Law Society website 2. Have 3 or more SRA-approved managers (no licensed conveyancers) 3. Attained membership to the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)" I have been getting quotes around £900- £1400 for the legal work with companies that meet this criteria, Which seems totally unreasonable for a remortgag
  2. Hi Lee and Frank, what's the latest on finding an accountant? I am also around Portsmouth and looking for one with my new LTD. many thanks
  3. Hello all, How long is it currently taking to process a BTL mortgage within a new limited company? Has anyone recently been through this process? Will be interested to hear your experiences. Many thanks
  4. Hello all, I am ready to meet with a Mortgage Adviser and prepare a buy to let mortgage for my newly registered limited company. Can anyone recommend a broker in Hampshire? if it was Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham area then even better Many thanks! Ben
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, I just went for a simple name. If a brand becomes important later on I will come up with something else. Next up is meeting with a mortgage broker any recommendations in the Portsmouth/Havant area?
  6. Thanks James, some variation of initials may be the way to go, then create a brand name later as it gets bigger.
  7. Hi Vicky Bello means beautiful in Italain, bello lettings? Sounds similar to Rob and Robs company though Will run through a few other translated words maybe.
  8. Really good question Omar, one I have been pondering as well. I had phrased the question in my head as, is there any way you can rent and live in a property owned by your own LTD company? I guess it comes down to the mortgage terms. I have heard with personal BTL mortgages you cannot even let to a family member. Did anyone have some info on this?
  9. I am posting this in "chit-chat" so not to glorify this silly issue... I am always quick, brave and ballsy when making decisions on buying properties where huge sums of money are at stake... Yet I have been grinding my teeth all week over choosing a company name! The big goal on my to do list this week "start LTD company" has been stifled by this seemingly simple stumbling point... Is this really such a big deal? I've been listening to my focus music on repeat for hours and nothing!
  10. I read the book a few years ago, very interesting and have been meaning to catch the film
  11. Hello all, I would like to speak with someone who can help and advise me in setting up my LTD company, I am based in Hampshire near Portsmouth. I have not done this before although it seems straight forward enough from the information available on line. Unless I have paralysis by analysis, It seems sensible to talk it through with an expert and get it right from day one. I am ready to start making offers on properties but want the company in place at least. All of the information on line seems to be about deciding if a company is right for you or not, I know it is as my goal fits being
  12. Keep it simples! All the while it is where you live then it couldn't be easier. I believe you only need to start thinking about tax and setting up as a business when the project property is separate from your main residence. It's a really good way to build your capital, good luck with it!
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