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  1. Thanks Paul for your words, if everything goes well this week I'll be making an offer for a house there.. Fingers crossed!!
  2. thanks Nikki, I'm reconsidering it!! btw, which areas in Liverpool are you looking for?
  3. Hi everyone, I was about to make an offer last week to a 3 bed house located in Bootle, Merseyside (the property is very close South Park) and as I don't live in Liverpool I asked a friend of mine and he basically told me that I should run away from that area, that it has a lot of bad reputation and also is not a good place to invest because of the low yield compared to other places in the city, etc, etc.. The thing is that I already visited and walked around the place during a couple of weeks, day, night and I don't see why I shouldn't be buying there, I really liked it. This is going to be my first investment and now I'm a bit scared, don't know what to do!! Has anyone bought a place in Bootle recently? Thanks!
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