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  1. When researching property sales on Rightmove, I previously found it very easy to see recently sold property prices on the same road - it was visible on the right side of the listing. Now, with their new web page layout, sold prices on the same road are nowhere to be found on the property listing. Is there any workaround where its possible to find the land registry, sold prices on the same road on Rightmove? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I am currently finishing off a refurb where I employed a builder to take the full contract totalling about £45k. This has increased to £50k due to extra issues that arose with the property after demolition - remember to be prepared for the builder to ask for more money for extra work not written in the contract. Never pay anything up-front unless the builder has a legitimate reason, in my case they needed about £2k worth of materials which I was happy to pay for up front so they could make a start. Once they had made a start on the job, I continued with stage payments to the builder after
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